Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game On!

I finally realize how to play a poker game after i got here. My husband teached me how to play.
One day when we are at the store, i saw a chips for a poker game. I endeed up buying them because we like to play it at home. It was fun! When my father-in law, step-son and daughter's around we play it like in real. We divided the chips equally and who ever got the highest chips in the end would declared as a winner. No award or whatsoever though. It is just for fun that everybody loves.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hairstyle tips for a round face like me:

Full-looking face with a round chin and hairline. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears.
Try hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts. Short hair styles with a swept-back direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, your face shape will appear longer and narrower.

Chin length hair with a rounded line that mirrors face’s circular shape. Center parts. Short-short crops, straight "chopped" bangs. Fullness at side of ears. A rounded haircut ending at the chin will certainly add weight to your face shape. Because the widest part of your face is at the cheeks and ears, you need to avoid having the fullness of the cut here as it will make your face appear wider.

This is the hairstyle that i like:

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Eversince i got here in America my head has been bothered me. It is not because i have headache but i have dandruff. It is irritating at the same time very embarrasing to others. Imagine when i am on a crowd i am afraid if somebody can noticed it. It's bad when i shake my head the white stuff goes anywhere and its really itchy.
I think i don't like shampoo's and conditioners that i use. Other said, sudden changes of climate is the reason of dandruff. I tried using an anti-dandruff shapoo's but it done no good for me.
I just hope i can find a stuff that supposed to helped to get rid out from these freaking dandruff.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Big Family

This is my big family in the Phillppines. I miss them so much! I am looking forward to see them again

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