Monday, March 3, 2008

My New Domain

I finally made up my mind and jumped in to a good decision i say. I already transfer my cc blog into a domain which was my plan very long time. I'm just waiting for google to update for pr. Back then i was expecting that i can get pr for it because i have too much trafic and backlinks but unfortunately not. I'm still glad that this blog got pr3 which i wasn't expect. Well, i just did changed it last night and doing some blog hope for it asking other bloggers to update my url. Such a tiring job but i have to do this or i won't get no back links or trafic. I still have a lot of things to for it though. I need to let everybody knows including the afiliate programs i joined. Since its sunday i don't think they were going to get back for me. So, i have to wait tomorrow and i hope everything will fixed up by then. I am hoping that i have a different luck this time though coz its obvious i can't get any. SO, tired of it!!

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