Monday, September 29, 2008

Lesbian's Dating

Sure, there were lots of sites where you can go and meet lesbians online but many of them cost you a money. So, why spend a fortune for finding a match online?

If you are around Florida and perhaps looking for Florida Lesbians, then there is no such better site as

LesbianRomance is an online dating site which is perfect place to meet single lesbians. The website is featuring webcam chat, forums, instant messaging, etc. You can access the website and flirt with other members without spending your cents. You can also get 24/7 customer assistance so, sign up today!

2-day Shop

Okay, seems like a long gone huh? Well, this little shopaholic has just taking some time to unwind and do a little bit of shopping. Maybe you think--shopping again? --but as i told you i won't stop shopping till my traveling luggages aren't full. Anyway, 2days in a row i went on bargain hunting and guess what? I found interesting!! I went to the fashion bug location (first-day) which is 45 miles from the house and found so many many 2dollars sales of sandals and shoes from the original price of 20+s. Okay, husband was asking what am i gonna do with 10 pairs of sandals in the winter? What about Philippines?, i told him..

The 2nd day, i went to Shoe Show and Cato and couldn't find any that interest me so that lead me to go straight to Goody's. Well, i found lots of sales but many of their prices just doesn't seem right for me. I just grab a trendy vest for me and a 2 pair of undergarments for my MOm which is little cheaper for $4 from the original price of 15. Not that bad...

Then headed back home, get 13 straight hour sleep and forgot I was invited for a dinner cook-out..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit got you down? Don't worry, you may still have a chance to obtain Bad Credit Car Loans. At you can apply for bad credit car loans with low interest rates and flexible term. You can also get a free quote online in a matter of minutes with no obligation. Whether you have less than perfect credit, you also get a countless of option of bad credit Car Loan with fair rate. So, don't let that bad credit problems will ruin your lifestyle. If you want a car, why not go ahead and get your free quote today?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shoes On-the-Go

Choosing the right shoes that go with your wardrobe can definitely redefine look. Whether you are at travel, it is also essential to wear the right one that provide comfort.

When it comes to traveling, ballet flats are great. Whether you're destination is far or near, ballet flats are the cream of the crop when it comes to choosing a shoe for your journeys. Comfy and lightweight, the shoes can easily be slipped off and on as you go through airport security, and also work at a nice dinner.

Not just because I'm suggesting flats doesn't mean your shoes will be completely out of style or personality. Ballet flats continue to be a huge trend and so, instead of wearing the basic black, it is recommendable to look to other "neutrals colors," like patent red, taxi cab yellow and animal prints.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corporate Christmas Cards

Christmas is just few months away. So, this means its another year of wrapping up the presents for someone close to you. But what about the people who helped to make your year a great one? I'm talking about your clients! Yes, sending holiday cheer to your clients with your name or your company name in it--is such a huge thing to them. No matter what type of your business is, a Corporate Christmas Cards are great ideas to express your "thank you's" to the worthy people or associates that shared their time with you and in your company.

When it comes to Holiday Cards, The Gallery Collection is the excellent in providing that. Established in 1929, is known to be the leader in publishing premium quality business greeting cards and corporate Holiday cards in the US. They offer numerous types of cards which are FSC-certified and produced with Green-e certified renewable energy.

The best thing that I love the website is that, I have a lot of option when it comes on selecting holiday cards. One of the best design i like is the "Merry Christmas Gift Box Card" because it's got well design--and oh, I love the box tied up with a gilded red ribbon too! This type of card is also made of buff matte paper and also accented in sparkling gold foil with red ink lettering on the cover. Speaking of the price, is unbeatable! Now, you can order this type of card with a discount of 40% and $75 off. So, if you order 200 pieces, you will only have to pay $278.45. What a savings!

One more thing you need to know about is that they donate Holiday cards to the children who are spending their holiday in Texas Children's Hospital. With that said, these could help brighten the spirit of the sick children despite of the situation they are facing.

Halloween Costume for my Girl

Halloween is inching closer and it will be here before you know it. So, are you --or your kids ready for Halloween parties? We all know Halloween costumes are a big part, right? If you have Halloween costumes picked out already, how about sharing your ideas with me?. If you are still trying to find costumes, then why not give me some of your creative ideas. I would love to find cute and inexpensive Halloween costume for my little girl. She's actually 14 month old.. If you got an excellent site to offer, feel free to leave it here.

Looking for Business Space?

Finding for a right space for your business is difficult and confusing but the good news is--Don Rox Company is willing to take care of that. Specializing in finding commercial office space, Don Cox Company is offering an award-winning service to tenants and the buyers at no cost. The company will able to find the right office or industrial / warehouse space, negotiate leasing / subleasing and purchase agreements, and basically simplify the process for you. With that said, you will able to set up Austin Commercial Space as quickly as possible. Visit today for more details.

More Shopping Guide

Want some more sites to get your shopping done without leaving the comfort of your own home? Well, you read my previous post where i listed about my favorite sites to shop around and this time I'm going to add some new websites that i found last night. Though i haven't place any order yet, but I'm pretty sure they are my target on my next online shopping.

1. Forever21--- upon checking out this website, i saw a lot of cute items--from casual to dressy outfit. I love their cute tops, handbags, etc. They also have cute colored pants which i really love the most. I was planning to add more colored pants in my collection since I only got two of them--yellow, green, blue or red pants are the best.

2. Wetseal--- they have so many cute items too. The website is a bit cheaper and they are currently offering off-season sales.

Credit Card Shopping

Shopping is never been easier without having credit card. Whether you are shopping online or off the store, credit card is giving convenient in paying every transactions may have. Right now, I'm shopping for credit cards at and perhaps, if i could find "plastic" with pretty good deals, i maybe end up of getting one.

One thing i love about is they allow me to compare offers from multiple credit card issuers and apply Online Credit Card. Using their search engine tool also allow me to narrow down my search which really help me a lot on finding for best credit card quickly. Regardless of what my credit status is, i can get credit cards according to my spending habits. There are also many different categories i have to consider on whether or not i want to apply "plastics" with rewards, low interest rates and balance transfer. I can't believe of what had offered. I love the site and would love to recommend it to my family and friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gadget for Teens

I believe teenagers are the hardest people to buy for. Nothing is ever cool enough. But teens love digital cameras and so, there is no wonder why my little brother wants to have one on his birthday! Looking for cameras that are cool enough and very hip is confusing--specially when they are demanding the ones with music. Alright, I'm getting paranoid here but that is what my brother wants--a gadget that something he can take pictures, listening music, watching videos and anything else. I don't know where i could get this but if ever i found one, I make sure to consult him first before buying certain item cause if i don't, he may end it up throwing in the garbage...

Western Wear

Alright, I'm not a cowgirl but, it would be great if i had accessories to wear to be like a cowgirl. Anyway, i stumble on Cavender's Boot City (, an online source for western wear. I'm impressed of what they had offered. From the most beautiful western boots to cowboy hats, and other western accessories, you will find complete line if you're in the market for western wear. You also going to love stetson hats because they are very comfortable to wear. It's worth to check this out!

Headbands are on style

A few months ago, I thought headbands were a bit trendy. I seen it mostly on TVs where a lot of celebs are using them--mainly Mariel Rodriguez in Philippine TV and--i think Rhianna too (I'm not for sure). I love how it look like specially the big ribbon--it's so cute and feminine. Anyway, headbands are great if you are in hurry. They are easiest to wear if you aren't used to hair accessories. Whether you are on casual or dressy outfit, these cute headbands are perfect in any day or night, and works in any season too! If you want to buy these headbands, just be sure to pick-out the color suits in the season or better yet, suits for your outfit. And by the way, purple is a good color for Fall...

photo by tanojewelry

Furniture Summer Clearance

It's very practical to choose furniture that you could use in any room of your home or office--and, looking for fabulous home furnishing products that could save you thousands of dollars is not a fantasy no more. Now, you can find new pieces with fraction from their original cost.

One of the excellent site i came across today is Max Furniture. I'm super impressed of what Max Furniture had offered. From bathroom furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture to
home office furniture , Max Furniture is offering tremendous summer clearance and promos storewide. For example, if you are seeking for bed furniture, there has to be one for you! Originally price of $10,995.00, this Master Sleigh Bedroom Furniture Set is now $5,449.00. What a great saving, isn't it? Apart from that, Max Furniture also offers thousands of high-end home furniture sets, pieces, and accessories. Whether you are from Canada or US, items can be delivered direct to your home with a fully money back guarantee.

Max Furniture has been in the business for many years. They are known to provide exceptional customer service and outstanding value. All items are delivered directly to your door is fully guaranteed in new condition.

So, shop for a very low prices of home furnishing products at today!

Photo: Max Furniture

List of Sites I Shop

Shopping has become a big part of me and thanks to the Internet, I immensely enjoy shopping a lot more than it used to. With no gas cost involved and no time limit, shopping online is something that i really love to do. So, have you ever wonder which online shopping sites i usually go to ease my boredom, huh? Well, below are my lists.

1. MakeMeChic--allows me to shop trendy clothing and accessories. They have many fashionable items to choose from hundreds of options.

2. CutesyGirl-- this website is great if you are looking for cute shoes and sandals. They also have great selections of trendy clothes. This is where i usually buy trendy mini dresses. Though most of their clothes cost a lot but you can also find items on sale especially this off-season.

3. eBay--here you will find tremendous auctions from thousands of items in any different category such as clothes, electronics, collectibles, accessories, even cars and house and lot. This is the site where i usually purchase phones, ipod, web cam---you name it!! eBay is a great site if you are also looking for used and new items. I also once buy a lot of used girl clothes in-one auction with a price of 4 bucks and 7dollar for shipping. They have search engine tool that lets you find out instantly what you were looking. Mostly sellers preferred paypal for payment..

4. Macy's --offers great selections of high quality products from clothes, handbags, jewelries, kitchen equipments, to home decors. The site is quite a bit high for my budget but their products are guaranteed awesome.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are become a way of life. Either shopping or paying out the bills, consumers can pretty much pay every transaction using credit cards.

Credit card processing is one of the good option to offer online payment to prospective buyers online. Using this method can help boost sales of your website because many buyers (and shopaholic like me) preferred to pay for goods or services online using credit cards. The good news is, now you can get merchant account or set up credit card processing in your ecommerce website instantly with help of Merchant Advisors.

Unlike most companies, Merchant Advisors ( is offering total package with no fees, no contracts, and a free credit card machine. They also have dedicated advisor to assist with all your needs and approved application within 24 hours. With 20 years of experience, OnlineCheck is known to be the best in the merchant services industry and merchant account testimonials can prove to that. Visit today for all your credit card processing needs!

Tips in Shopping Online

While shopping online has become more popular than ever, there are also some important things you need to know so that you have the best online shopping experience.

Some people do not care about the customer service --for as long as they bumped-in the well designed website and has fabulous items to offer then, they will go for it.

Let's face it, shopping online is risky. If you were ordering at a certain site for the very first time, you cannot help not to feel doubt about it. So, what about the items you are dying to buy?

To ensure you landed on the safe site make sure to check a customer service email address, or better yet a phone number, so that any concerns you have can be answered by an actual person. For instance, there is an issues arises ---you need someone that is available to handle them quickly. And also, make sure to check their policies too before calling with all of your questions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tobi Garment Steamer

Even if you don't like to iron clothes-- believe it or not, you may occasionally need to use an iron to press your outfit for a special event. The good news is--now, you can get a machine that will makes the work a lot easier for you --and that is Garment Steamer.

TOBI Garment Steamer is great for getting the wrinkles out of your clothing in just seconds. It delivers quality and professional result which is very versatile for steaming clothes while they are hanging. From the most delicate silk to the toughest denim, Tobi steamer will takes care of all type of fabrics. It easily glides at the very obstacle parts of your garments--from buttons, pockets, sequins and even prints. Unlike regular irons, TOBI will prevent heat damage. You won't even see any rips or tear in your fabrics because it worked professionally and beautifully. And take note, it also eliminate unpleasant odors too!

TOBI Steamer basically an easiest machine -even fun to use and that would save you both time and money. If you order online today, you can get TOBI Wrinkle Remover for just 3 monthly payments of $33.00 each. Apart from that, you can also get small economical steamer which is light and very handy for travel--fits easily in you're traveling bag. Even when you are on business trip or vacation and nobody does the ironing for you, TOBI bonus travel steamer is a solution. So, why waste your time and money for an iron? Order TOBI Steamer today and use the product for 30 days. If you simply don't like their performance, you can send it back with prompt and full refund.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fix Your Body Figure Problem

Every woman has something about her body that she'd like to hide---i must admit, having wide shoulder is my problem too. However, that does not stop me from being stylish. *wink*

One of the most common trick should have to remember if you want to look great in your body figure regardless of your problem area-- is to wear only colors and sizes that look great on you. If you do not sure what are those, try bringing a trusted friend with you while shopping. Get tons of clothes, try them on and ask feedback from your friend. Just remember that nobody looks well in high-waisted, pleated jeans or pants with narrow ankle openings. So, you must have to avoid these..

Concentrate on what dresses and outfits that flatters. Never mind about being trendy when you look at what suits your figure. If you love accessories then add-up-to-date shoes, handbags and other accessories later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

BabyPhat Boots

From casual to dressy outfit, a pair of boots is one of most versatile footwear items you can have in your wardrobe. Whether it'll be sexy high-heeled boots or flat boots, wearing these divine footwears will never get you down!

The good news is-finding boots for less isn't just a fantasy no more. Now, you can snag a pair of Baby Phat Boots with fraction from their original cost. At you will find good selections of the latest styles and hottest trends of boots and other footwear available from different sizes and shapes.

You can also find a complete line of hottest styles of clothing and accessories for both men and women. Visit their website ( and see what I'm talking about!

Buy Shoes Off-Season

There are several ways to save money when buying shoes. But one of the unique and oldest trick I applied these days, is to buy shoes or other items which are off the season. This means, you will only buy shoes at the end of the season or even well into the next.

For example, I love shimmering sandals! Those types of sandals that are full price in May or June will be marked down substantially in just few months specially around fall and winter. The patiently you wait, the cheaper they will be. But remember, you have to be careful not to miss the style you want and size you need.

Hue Socks

Bare legs are fine but well-dressed ones are great- and so, leggings and socks would make your outfit evens better. As you all know, this season leggings and socks are on the trend. So, shop for best brands and different styles of leg wear at Hue. No matter what color you need, Hue has the plenty of great fashion leg wear to match up with your outfit.

Socks are inexpensive. You can get flattering socks for only $15 for three pairs. Of course, prices vary according to the colors and styles you need.

Photo courtesy of

Secrets of Choosing Right Jeans

Do you want to know the secrets of choosing the perfect jeans or pants that fit for your shape? We all know that there were expensive jeans sold anywhere but what about those slimming look pairs we all crave?

Let's face it. Most of us weren't born with perfect body with flat abs. But that doesn't mean we have no right to wear sexy jeans. The good news is--we can fake a flat stomach! How? Choosing a jeans with a wider waist-band look so flattering because it smoothes any humps and lumps and so, it creates a cleaner line under that sexy outfits! Try it and see how you look...

RocaWear Outfits

It's almost time to hit the fall season, so get ready for some fantastically rocks and cool outfits! Whether you are at home or at the party, you want to hang out in styles, right? So, RocaWear will help you with that! They are offering some fabulous fashion picks and red-hot styles of the season likes Roca wear coat. You do not need to spend a fortune to look great because Rocawear's products are very affordable in everyone's budget. Regardless of if you seek for women or men's outfit, there is a suit out there just for you! Right now they are offering $50 off if you order $150.

And by the way, RocaWear has been launched with a co-founder Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter --i bet you all know him. So, shop like a star today, check out for all the styles you need!

Photo courtesy of

I love Bangle

Originally priced at $22.00, this sized Gemstone Bangle Blackwhite was reduced to just $14.99. What a bargain isn't it? Well, it just happened that i browse the site and found this cute one. Actually, i was keeping my eye on this ever since it started with its original price. This cute, thick multi-sized gemstone bangle is the hottest item in the season. It is versatile enough to wear with anything from t-shirt, jeans or cocktail dress. You can get this bangle online from Cutesy Girl (my favorite online shopping store). Anyway, i'm still hoping that the price will goes down a little bit again, then that probably the best time to buy the item..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Instant Personal Loan

Despite of economic situation that we are facing today, we are still lucky enough to get better option when it comes to financing. can help us with Instant Personal Loan and other financing goals. They provide exceptional Personal Loan services online for customers nationwide. One of the exceptional service that also has offering is Auto Loan . Now, you can get free no obligation approval instantly if you apply auto loans online. The best of it, they are offering low rates and quick approvals whether you have less than perfect credit. Using their special finance service, you can still qualify for competitive auto financing for bad credit car loans. Visit today for all your financing needs!

New Free Skin

Ok, so much for shopping -- i think i need to give some time for my blogs. As you can see, I install newly template here. I been working for it the whole day--at least i done something great instead of just shopping around, hunting bargains and auctions.

By the way, thanks to FreeSkins website for providing free blogger templates to us. They are such a huge help for everyone who are seeking good templates without cost. I already use two freeskin's hottest templates--one of my main blog and --here. Good job FreeSkins now, i'm loving my blogs more..

Luggage Bags and Wallet

I travel once every year-and visiting my family back home is truly exciting for me. With that said, I am also excited to packed many stuff to bring with us in our visit. Of course, I want to be prepared and depart without discomfort. In my travel, i really don't want to drag heavy and bulging luggages specially i would be traveling with my little girl this time. Though I'm a bit worried about it but i think it would somehow lessen if I got a right bag and right Carry-On Luggage.

Anyway, i haven't bought luggages yet, but i was too impressed when I stumble at Hartmann's site where there were lots of luggages and bags with different styles. Typically, they presented variety of bags at the very affordable prices! Those bags are seems so durable and luggages are adequate to my needs!

Ok, I liked Hartmann Intensity bag a lot. Even though i prefer carrying my primary back on my shoulder but this tote is extremely functional because its got several rear compartments features as well as multiple elastic pockets to fill with stuff i need to get at fast. And mind you, this is whole lot convenient to carry since its got durable in-line skate wheels.

Hartmann Belting Leather is another exceptional product that I keep my eye on. This tan-colored wallet comes with ID window, 2 credit card pockets on reverse side and Center slash pocket. Hartmann Belting Leather seems durable, has elegant design with unbeatable price too!

Secrets in Choosing the right bag

Wearing a fun bag/purses also shows your personality. Just like a great pair of jeans, a handbag should fit your body type. The shape of a bag shouldn't be matched up with your figure but instead, you have to choose the opposite of your body type. For example, if you are tall and thin woman, consider a bigger bag. If you are shopping for bags, do not be afraid to try them on at the store where you shop at--instead, get a feel for how it fits. Proceed to the next if you feel uncomfortable with certain bag. Remember, basic designs and styles will last you through the years while continuing a sense of fashionable style.

Credit Cards for Students

A credit card plays an important role in today's society. It has a various benefits even students should take advantage of. Aside from the reason of giving convenient when purchasing, credit cards also able to help student to establish new credit.

There are many credit card companies that offer different deals but finding for the best credit card that meets your demand could be daunting task specially if you are new to the credit world.

To find for best credit deals firstly, you have to shop around for the best student credit card deals and start comparing them to see what other companies have to offer---and will help you with that!

One thing you love about Credit Spy is that, they have gathered information from the best credit production specializing for high school and college students. Their main goal is to help students to find the most appropriate online credit deals from a lot of given possibilities to choose from such as no annual fee and lowest APR for student. More than that, whether you have bad credit or descent credit history, there is possibility you can choose one.

Got few questions about student credit cards? Don't worry, you can always ask questions to the credit card consultant and receive online credit card help at anytime!

Remember, every credit cards are a bit different, so be sure to look over the offers attentively before applying for student credit card.

Apply today and start enjoying the benefits of plastics!!

Big Brother10 Winner

Finally, the Big Brother10 has completed last night. Dan Gheesling, a 25-year-old Catholic school teacher from Dearborn, Michigan, received $500,000 after winning Big Brother10 over Memphis, he's long-time allies. Dan won over the jury by proving that he played a tactical move rather than playing personal game. He is drastically truthful in his answers, presented clear thoughts for his big game plays and complimented the jurors for being strong competitors. I say, Dan is the best player of BB history. Congratulation to him, he deserves to win.

If you missed the season finale, click the link to find out what you missed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trendy Women's Maternity Clothing

Recently, as many of you know, my mission is to find super trendy and super affordable juniors and maternity clothes. "Why?" you might ask..because i have all sorts of friends, cousins and family that are waiting their presents from me when we go and visit Phils.

But anyway, while working on such things, i came across an online clothing store that i truly adore. With a free shipping of over $75 in my purchase by using the coupon code FREESHIP and 15% off for my entire order with a coupon code: FALL2008, there is nothing much better than Kiki's fashion. The best of it prices are starting as low as $9.99 for all unique Maternity Clothes that's trendy and stylish. Their inventory are keep on rotating so there has been always new styles to choose from.

Happy shopping!

Happy Bargain Hunting

I've spent the majority of my end summer season preparing for our upcoming Philippine visit. Preparing in the sense that i have to have a lot of "Made from America" goodies and giveaways to present for anyone who are waiting for us there. Thankfully, in the midst of all it, i came accross to some really great clothes sales from different stores namely, goody's, jcpenny, walmart and etc.

I'm happy to say that my effort was paid off--its filled with savings on great, high-quality clothing that I won't find in any regular season. Imagine, i supposed to pay for 180 bucks for a retail price in jcpenny but instead i just paid $19? what a huge savings isn't it? I'm so much happy to see that my box is now almost filled with goodies. But hey, my bargain hunting hasn't ended yet!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Looking for Asian Babes?

These days, many people find themselves more confident in finding perfect match online. In fact, many people had success stories behind it. The perfect example is my marriage! Couple years ago, hubby and I meet thru the so-called dating website, then we've meet in personal and decided to get married. Our marriage was great. We are blessed to have a wonderful little girl Alyssa.

Anyway, if you guys want to meet Asian Babes too, then is the solution. To start with sign up at today and start seeking your perfect match from thousands of beautiful women registered in the website.

Buy colors that fits you

When buying for shoes, many people tend to stick with black and brown shoe color because they're viewed as "safe,". Some people may find that buying conservative colors can be a little boring -- however, we can see that sometimes the best deals are on the unusual colors.

I think the great idea if you are buying shoes, is to snag a pair that are marked 75% off, only if they'll work with the clothes you are likely to wear.

If you like to attend a lot of dressy affairs, look for bargains in silver evening shoes. But if you're more into earth-tones, avoid the impulse to splash out on a pair of bright yellow stilettos that don't go with anything you currently own.

Cheap Satellite Internet Provider

Internet connection is huge thing for me. Its because they are the only tool for me to be able to stay connected with my family I left at home.

Before we moved here, we previously live in a rural place where we were not able to get cable or DSL connection. Talking to my family back home using voice chat and webcam is bit disappointing specially if you are using dial up.

Anyway, I once inquired about satellite connection to the popular company but we were disappointed because of their monthly price and activation fee. Months later, we decided to moved in here.

Today i came to know that there is a company that provide affordable satellite internet connection no matter which areas in America you were living. offers incredible packages deals for those who are not able to get cable or DSL internet access. With a starting price of $49.99 a month and $149 activation fee, there is no such better option than

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lots of girl pants/jeans

What a busy day i had today. I really totally forgot about my watched items in eBay which is already ended few hours ago. I feel upset thinking about it because i have been waiting many days for it to end. That items are supposed to be good school clothes for my younger sisters back home. There were 12 girl pants sizes 4-6 all in all-in-one auction, all of them were used but they were in good condition according to the seller. What really upsets me is that the winning bid of the auction is really cheap. I should have got it but too bad i really forgot about it. And now i started to watch another lots of auctions till end. I just hope i can get another good deals with good items next time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weight loss pill

I have trying to lose weight few months ago but unfortunately, I can't get good results since I was too lazy to work-out and besides, i am also busy with my daily routine. I heard so many good feedback of weight loss pill but i am too skeptical to try any of those. If there is somebody i know that has been using certain product then that's best time for me to try one.

A friend of mine introduced me about the top selling diet pills offered by For all you know, is excellent site offering various diet pills which is known to be the best on the market today. These diet pills are focusing of losing weight by attacking the problem through a different methods. They have proven to be safe and can caused the most significant weight loss to a number of people in fact, many Hollywood stars have been using them.

One thing that i love about products is that they are very affordable on my budget. also offering highest quality customer service and 100% guarantee in every purchase. I highly recommend for anyone out there who are also seeking for effective diet pills!

A best luck for me

I am enjoying my long ride ever since i enter into the blogosphere. From sharing my thoughts, experiences in life and at the same time getting paid by reviewing various sites that i'm interested in- is such a wonderful experience to me. Not to mention, I been through a lot of ups and downs, happiness, frustrations, etc but these days, is really nerve-racking for me. PPP audit worries me a lot. Few of my friends has affected by the audit already and sadly, couple of their blogs have been cut off from the marketplace. I got 5 blogs in the system which 3 of them is actually worthless for me. I really don't know if my two main blogs can passed the audit but i'm crossing my finger & hoping that i could make it. I must admit that my blogs are not that great so, that really makes them sense to cut me off in the system.(oh no!) I tried anything to offer my best to my readers in possible way i can. Anyway, whatever happens i just hope i can survive the feeling. Its going to be difficult if ever none of my blogs would qualify. () But like i said, i'm still here hoping for the best..goodluck for me and for everybody who are working with ppp...

Discount Coupons and Promo Codes

Nowadays, the importance of coupons are getting higher in demands. With the prices of consumer goods rising, many shoppers used discount coupons to avail cost savings. So, are you one those hundreds and thousands of people used coupons?

If you planned on going for a trip, you can also get discount travel coupons at They are the best online source dedicated for people who are seeking discounted coupons at anytime and anywhere they needs it. You can get significant cost-savings of Orbitz travel coupons and flight discounts as well as the other online travel services including, Travelocity and Plus, you can also get all kinds of discount coupons and get the best deals of hotel rooms, budget car rentals, last minute cruise deals, clearance sales on luggage, and many more!

Apart from that also bringing savings to people with 1000's lists of discount coupons for other stores in any different categories like computers, books, clothing, toys, baby, electronics, gifts, jewelry, pets, office supplies, auto and more..These coupons are greatly covering certain amount without spending all your money out in your pocket. Indeed such a huge help for anyone out there who want to save money when purchasing stuff.

Save Money on Shopping

When shopping for accessories, you don't need to spend a fortune on items just to follow the hottest trends and styles of the season. Below are some of the simple tips on how to save money on shopping, excerpt from Kori Ellis article.

1. Shop for Sales- look out for sales in your local newspapers or either visit your favorite websites or department stores and sign up for sales alert emails.

2. Shop Out of Season- accessories like boots and other winter accessories are usually cheapest in spring season while summer accessories are also cheaper in fall. You can also buy cheapest items special sales around major Holidays, like Christmas, Labor Day and more.

3. Visit Thrift Shops- if you don't mind used accessories, you can visit thrift shops and vintage clothing stores in your local area to find for jewelry, handbags and other accessories at discount prices.

4.Check Shipping Cost- if you like shopping online, don't forget the shipping costs. Some retailers offers free shipping while many are offering discounter shipping rate for multiple orders.

Personal Injury Solicitors

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Teenage fashion

As the temperature begins to drop, how can your teenage girl look cool and stay warm in fall and winter long?

Layers, layers and layers are never goes out of style for teenagers. So let your girl wear those layers along with shrugs, scarves, camis and other great layering pieces! Mommies, teach them how to mix and matched the fabulous fashions this year and how to best wear them. And also, shop around for all those adorable scarves, wraps, shrugs, capeltes, ponchos, hoodies, cardigans, sweaters, dresses, blazers, tees and shirts. Teach your kids to put them all together for a look that is warm and so cute!!

0% APR Credit Cards

Credit card usage has become a way of life. They are become more and more crucial to a functioning world. When you are shopping, dining, or even paying out bills, credit cards provide pretty much convenient on paying every transactions you may had. These are some of good reasons why many preferred to obtain at least one credit card.

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What Type of Body Figure are You?

According to the article that i came accross with, short woman has 4 figure shape. So to identify which are you belong, please refer to the following below:

1. Hourglass- an hourglass shape woman has equal balanced of top and bottom. This means, her bust and hip measurements are about the same which is ideal figure type.

2. Triangle- is the most common body figure of woman who have proportionally smaller busts and or narrower shoulders and larger hips or thighs. They are way different from hourglass figure.

3. Inverted Triangle- this type of figure has proportionally smaller hips and or thighs and larger bust and/or wider shoulders when compared to a woman who has an hourglass figure. Also they are also common body figure but has a solution by using plastic surgery; bust enhancement.

4. Rectangular- a woman who have rectangle figure have equal bust and hip measurements. They basically don't have defined waistline.

I really don't have any idea what is my body shape but i was hoping that somebody could tell me i am an hourglass please..i need it! lol

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Try Trivita's Sublingual B-12!

I never claimed myself to be a healthy nut. I try to eat right amount of food in a right time but sometimes, I just don't think those were enough. Just as a few days ago, I have been thinking of taking a vitamin supplement but seriously, I was too afraid to take any supplement since I am not really familiar any of those. If ever there's somebody I knew who were taking and works fine for them then that's the time i forced myself to believed in a certain product. Weird, isn't it but i just want to make sure that I'm taking the right supplement, after all my own health would be at risk if I won't be so sure of what I'm doing.

Today I found Trivita's sublingual B-12 which is supposed to be a safer and affordable that helps to boosts energy, stamina, and improved mood. This vitamin will also keep memory sharp as well as provide focus to help concentrate on tasks. This is really a good vitamin for me since i have so many things that needs to be done in my very busy days.

Anyway, sublingual B12 contains B-12, B-6 and Folic Acids which is proven to be safe and a painless B12 shot alternative which is even good for people who have diabetes, dementia, gastric bypass and vegans. There are now over 10 millions of boxes has been sold out in the market which is i think its great! I really need to have Sublingual B12 for me to be able to concentrate on what i have been doing everyday. You should try Trivita's sublingual B-12 today.

Van you rock!

Alright, lets talk PDA..

The Monday episode really cracks me up where the scholars are impersonating their mentors. Laarni and Liezel was funny but Van is even more funnier among 4 scholars. Van's spoof of Direk Joey that made all the mentors fall out their seats. Van had the most heartfelt performance with matching quotable statement and unforgettable moves of Direk Joey. Of course, Direk Joey couldn't help himself but laugh his heart out after watching what Van, his impersonator had offered. He is very funny ended..every time i recall the situation it completely made me laugh. Van is very you had me (-x-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Online Car Services

If you are looking for online car services then is good to go. provides variety of free online car oriented information and services including car insurance, car rental, car loan and car repairs. Here you can shop various of auto insurance and get free insurance quotes as well as fast approval for auto loan. You can also get incredible deals for all your car rentals needs anywhere in the world. With, you can save both time and money in finding for all your car services needs. Visit to get free quotes!

Where am I?

Its been 4days in a row that i don't make an update here, obviously. Its not just i am busy but just let myself relaxed for a little while. From the consecutive days that have been working over here, i think I'm worthy for a little relaxation, isn't it? Well, at least I'm back now and ready to

Anyway, as a part of resting, hubby and I have been planning to go outside tomorrow- probably shopping, dining out and so on. Good thing its hubby's off or i will be stuck at home again. I hope hubby will stick out to our plan or i will be completely insane. Anyway, i already sent a little bit of amount in our account for him to be able to take me to the places i wanna go. So, basically there is no backing up here. lol I'm just hoping that the weather tomorrow is okay though.

Flight Attendant Carrer

Being a flight attendant career has been a lifelong dream by almost everyone. Many of us have been longing for this career because being a flight attendant career is rewarding as well as exhilarating. With its exciting privileged lifestyle that allows you to travel the world while being paid, as well as offering amazing free travel benefits and incredible perks, who else doesn't get fascinated by this career?

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Short Hair Anyone?

Never had in my life experience on having a short hair. Is it probably because the way i raised..? When i was a kid, my grandmother who has some kind of beliefs about hair. She says, woman supposed to have a long hair, that is according to her religion. Anyway, some people prefer of having short hair simply because short hair, never goes out of style and can look great on almost anyone.(i don't think i am belong to that anyone).. One thing that some people love about short hair is that it fits their personality. If you have a lot of spunk and a ton of energy, your short hair reflects on that. They believe that while any women's hairstyles can be revealing of her personality, short hair also opens up her face and body.

John Esposito's Interview

I found a video in youtube about the exclusive interview of John Esposito, CEO of WEA. John Esposito is talking about the challenges of an artist to get signed in today's music industry as well as the method of discovery and factors of signing. It is basically, an informative interview, helping for anyone out there who are interested into the world of music or becoming an artists. Below are the questions that he answered. If that really relates to you, i urge you to watch the video.

1) How hard is it for an Artist to get signed in today’s music industry?

2) Are the labels taking more risk or less risk because of the challenges?

3) How is today’s A&R model changing?
- What are the labels looking for?

4) Can you explain what a 360 deal is?
How it works? What’s involved? Is it a factor in signing?

"Bordertown" Movie

Here comes another good movie played by Jennifer Lopez. This movie is supposed to be based in real life about the murders of women in Juarez, a border city across from El Paso, Texas. Bordertown is all about the hundreds of women working in American-owned factories who have been kidnapped, brutally raped and murdered. The attacks have been covered up by the local authorities. They says, the incident is still going on today. Focusing the lives of women in this movie is very saddening and humiliating. I don't see why the authorities are covering the incidents. I just hope these crime will ended. Anyway, such a great movie played by a great actress JLo..Oh i love her!

Remote Access

Ever since i started into a world of blogging, i always found myself glued at the computer. Most of the times, i don't like to go outside or even just go for grocery shopping because i feared if i missed something. Now, good news for me and to anyone out there who cannot live without connections because now, we can get remote access offered by This service provides great remote access capability from any location for as low as $4.95/month! Yes, we get to stay connected even we're on the go! With the 30-day trial unlimited access offer and the full web based remote help desk service, there is no such a cool thing than RemotePC. I am extremely excited to try this service!!

Losing Weight by laughing?

Lose weight without going on a diet? Laughing is an alternative way to lose weight... TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, isn't it? Well, anyone who tried to loss weight don't neccesarily have to follow a strict diet to get the ball rolling. A study from Vanderbilt University says that a person can burn up to 40 calories by genuinely laughing for 15 minutes. I really don't know for sure if this method will worked but if it is, i think i may watch funny movies or sitcom from time to time to help wittle my waist. ---LOL

Handicap Vans

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Camera Shopping

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Every new home begins with a plan so, let HousePlansAndMore.Com help you get started in building your own home.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't feel good lately. Its been few days now that i always feeling drowsy. All of these seems so weird. To me, i always have enough sleep during nighttime and in fact, i always get up late from the bed. Just as today, hubby is supposed to work at 2pm so he has to leave at home by 1:30. It was about 2 when i woke up and then i found out that nobody is around. So i was checking every corner of our house to see where he at. But then i couldn't find him, i called hubby's phone and ask him where he's at. He was on his way to work. Then i realized that its Thursday, so he's working different schedule. Hubby says when he's about to leave he checked us in the bed, me and Alyssa are still sleeping soundly.

Seems like i was just sleeping all day. I done anything in the house particularly household chores. It seems I'm sleepy and grouchy. hay..i just don't know what to do. Maybe i just need a little unwind, going outside shopping? or something...

Web Hosting Provider

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Such a pretty good advantage actually not only for using the best web hosting provider but also in earning extra money by joining Host 595 affiliate.

Fall Make-up trends

Fall is inching closer which means, the world of fashion has changing too -- mainly from clothes, shoes, accesories to make-ups. As you noticed makeup lines are now releasing their fall color collections. If you already checked the fashion magazine's or looked at the new color lines, you may have noticed the warm yet fun colors for the upcoming season. From deep blue to chocolate to gold and even wine, no matter your taste there's a shade to suit everyone's palette. But if you want to add a pop of color to your eyes instead of saturating your entire lid or eye area, you can try adding a pop of color to your eyes using your simple eyeliner...

Fall Trend for Wardrobe

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It's been quite a while that i haven't treat myself for a shopping. (Well, at least hubby is happy with that... ) Being a woman, shopping is normal way of relaxing and giving ourselves a reward. From a busy lives, hectic schedules and constant demands on our time, i think it would be all paid off if we can get at least a pair of shoes, dress and other women accesories. For such a long time that i don't buy for myself, i think its time for me to get new one. At this moment, i was browsing in my favorite online site and found this pretty dress. Yep, you read me! I'm not into dressy type but seeing this really makes me arrggg!! I don't know where i can wear this but this dress is really stunning.. You will be surprised if i wear dress when i gone for grocery, well at least i got what i want! Don't you think its pretty? And oh by the way, the dress cost 30bucks only, so its not that bad really...

Ashley Furniture

Browse a vast selections of discount furniture at the North Carolina's #1 furniture shop ( Discount Quality Furniture features the latest styles of quality home furnishing from a popular brand name including Ashley Furniture. Whether you are seeking for living room, dining room or bedroom furniture, Ashley Furniture delivers a perfect ambiance of your house theme. Using the quick search form, you will promptly access the best discount furniture that suits your needs. Discount Quality Furniture will ensure you that you have the best furniture shopping experience along with the award-winning customer service as well as the incredible prices. Visit today for all your home furniture needs!

Time goes by so fast!

Fall season is coming and i already smell the cool weather here. In next more months, the leaves were started changing into beautiful colors. Gosh, i'm excited to see more snow this year! Living here in the place where we could hardly get some snow is quite disappointing sometimes. I just wish we had some more this year. I really can't wait to play the snow with Alyssa! This is going to be her 2nd year of seeing a snow. Another thing that really exciting is, Alyssa's first Philippine visit. We were actually started counting months! I just hope hubby won't changed his mind and that he would stick to our plans.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Megan's Law

As a parents, we want to do everything possible as we can to protect our children and Megan's Law makes this a lot easier for us. With the help of this law, we have a right information on the Sexual Predators closest to the area where we live at. Megan's Law provides us Sexual Predator List and informed us criminals whereabouts. By entering our zip code at, we can get complete report including these sex offenders address, photos and directions. This is such a huge help actually for any parents out there to be aware of sexual criminals living in our neighborhoods.

P2 Movie

These days, hubby and I find ourselves more attracted to the latest movies come out. Thanks for redbox located in McDonalds anyway for providing us good movies to watch. *wink.

Anyway, last night we rent a movie "P2". The movie was okay but not that very descent, still worth of a time and a dollar. At the very beginning i find it little boring but then it become more terrifying in the last part. By the way, the story centers on a corporate climber who gets stuck working late on Christmas Eve and finds herself the target of an unhinged security guard. With no help in sight, the woman must overcome physical and psychological challenges to survive.

Resorts for Women

The world has become very opened to the gays and lesbians community. Now, there are plenty of distinctive places that will also welcome them (gays or lesbian) if they are seeking for a perfect vacation destination. If they are looking for certain places like hotel for women in Florida, then there is nothing better than Pearl's Rainbow ( Pearl's Rainbow is offering best Lesbian Vacation Packages for women who wants to enjoy and express themselves without the pressure of the society. They have Key West resort, which is truly a lesbians paradise, situated in a secluded tropical setting at the foot of legendary Duval Street. A lot of people are keep coming back at Key West because of its unique and very lesbian-friendly community. This beautiful city is filled with beautiful people, open-minded and very cooperative. Once you arrive there, you will find a perfect vacation with full of relaxation, entertainment, enlightment, fine dining, nature as well as nightlife. Such a great destination actually for anyone who want to make their dream vacation become reality.

Next time, when you are planning for a remarkable vacation, make sure to go at Key West and don't forget to book a reservation online at, an easy, fast and secure booking site.


Being away from my family is hard. Last night i talked to my brother and he brought me a good as well as bad news. The good news is our mom felt a little bit better from being sick of at least 5 days. The bad news is that my brother mentioned of having a surgery. He has some kind of bump on his back which i called it trichinosis if i'm not mistaken. Trichinosis is caused by eating raw or undercooked meat of animals infected with the larvae of a species of worm called Trichinella. Anyway, he says he had this little bump on his back 3 years ago and now it goes bigger and bigger. I really don't know what to do right now. My brother says, he is going to get surgery done when we were go back home next year. I hope the bump is not that dangerous.

National Phone Registry

Have you ever been disturbed by unknown callers? Why not look it up at National Phone Registry? National Phone Registry is an online phone directory intended for people who are seeking information on any unknown phone numbers. By using the search box you can enter the phone number and just a seconds you will be able find out the unlisted phone number's or even prank calls, and other hard to find cell phone owner information. The reports are including owner's full name, address, relative information, background information and more. And by the way, National Phone Registry is voted as the most accurate phone lookup service.

We were having fun~!

Alyssa and I just got home from a little walk. I decided to take her outside to spend time walking and somehow she can see different things outside. She was having fun. I took her to the children's place beside where we live at. And there, she was happy to see different toys to ride which is owned by our neighbor's kids. I was happy to see her big grin on her face. She has having fun riding while mommy is pushing her. We could have spend more time there but i opted to go back home because she needs to have baba and time for her taking a nap too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HD Radio breathes life into local radio stations

If you are passionate about music then you probably want to consider of using Digital Radio. HD radio is a big leap nowadays. This technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast digitally. With digital broadcasting, listeners can now enjoy music on their local radio stations with a very amazing clarity of sounds. I'm sure everybody would want to listen clear musics specially from our radio channels, so HD radio is a way to go! With the help of these technology, now we can listen to our favorite radio stations with a crystal clear reception, no audio distortions, no hissy sounds and possibly more music to enjoy! Isn't it awesome to hear your FM stations sounded like from the CD quality-sound or your AM station sounded like FM station?

HD radio also allows iPod Tagging. This means, you can play and listen your favorite music anywhere anytime in your iPod. How cool is it folks? Anyway, don't forget to buy Polk iSonic ES2. This is the coolest thing ever..With enable itunes tagging, advanced acoustic system plus the alarm clock, there is nothing better than this gadget. Try this, and see it for yourself...

Stay healthy

It would be virtually impossible to anyone to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without focusing on the foods they place into their body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is one of the simplest, yet also most effective to maintain healthy body and energy level for longer periods of time. Perhaps, if you want to eat healthy snack while enjoying certain activities, you may want to consider of eating healthy snack bars instead.

Promax Nutrition and Pure Bar, which has recently developed a partnership, providing you with a healthy, nutritious, and decidedly delicious products. They has been proven to provide finest quality and best tasting high protein bars or small protein bars for anyone who are working to achieve healthy and fit lifestyle. These snack bars are basically, contains with high protein shakes and powdered suplement which has a very unique and has good taste which could satisfy hunger between meals. The best of all, these snack bars are very affordable in everyone's budget. So, next time when you are thinking for snack bars, make sure to grab these natural energy bars from Promax Nutrition and Pure Bar to ensure you achieve healthy lifestyle.

Accessories Expanded

Gone are those days that you are wearing the same old boring uniform. If you are in the medical profession, now you can find wide variety of fashionable scrubs online. Scrubs & Beyond offers stylish hospital scrubs for both men and women at a very competitive prices. They presents colorful designs, new patterns and extensive range of discounted scrubs to choose from a very popular name brands including Katherine Heigl, Dickies, Baby Phat, Cherokee, Grey's Anatomy- you name it! Whether you are looking for floral print scrub top, pants, scrub jackets, nursing shoes and clogs, you can find it here at scrubs & beyond. If you may wish to contact customer service for your assistance, give them a call at 1-800-310-1580. They are open 24hours a day.

Scrubs & Beyond is currently offering the incredible deals of 75% off and if you also purchase items for over $125 you can get free shipping too. So, hurry these best deal is limited. Check out today!

Blue Nile: A Smarter Way to Buy Diamonds

Have you ever thinking on buying Fine Jewelry? is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, Engagement Rings and fine jewelry. They are considered to be the best website that offers outstanding quality, selection, and value. At you will find very competitive prices that you would never find at any other similar stores. In many years of experience in diamond industry, has successfully grown in fact, they now ship items to Australia, Hongkong, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan. The best of all also allows customer to create their own jewelry. This means you can choose the right diamond and they will set in your favorite earring, pendant, or ring design. Moreover, has been recognized for its excellence and awarded with numerous awards in the public.

Buying of Diamonds can be the one of the most expressive purchases. So, don't let your money waste by buying diamonds into unreliable jewelers. Have provide you for all your diamond needs.

"Cleaner" movie

We just saw the movie "Cleaner" the other night and it was awesome. Cleaner is one of those movies that make you want to cry a little at the lost opportunity. It starts with a single father and former cop Tom Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) narrating his life as a crime scene cleaner. One time he gets an order for a cleaning job but only realizes after he completes his work that he may have destroyed all the evidence of a murder. So many secrets to discover, If you like drama and suspense movie then "cleaner" is best to watch.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Web Hosting Solution

Finding the perfect web hosting solution for ecommerce site doesn't have to be difficult these days. Now, we can find so many web hosting services to choose from based from its features. There are also services that rank hosting providers and explain their services and Web Hosting Geeks is one of them.

Web Hosting Geeks is basically, one of the most resourceful site that help you find the best hosting options for your site. Here, you will find independent web hosting reviews and ratings of top 10 web hosting providers. The general rating is based according to the packages best value/price, host reliability, uptime, key feature, bonuses feature, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and of course, the hosting awards is also included. Web Hosting Geeks also allow users to compare prices and plans between some popular web hosting providers around the world. There are also many web hosting articles as well as information to help you understand how web hosting works and such.

Before you decide on a Web host, it's important that you research your choice. There are lots of hosts available and Web Hosting Geeks will help you find the one that suits your needs. Visit to find out more!

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