Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Credit Offers Review

Due to ultimate increasing cost of living, people nowadays are facing a problem of bad credit. Obviously, bad credit has got to do in each life. If a person has a bad credit history he might think he screwed his life because he can't do anything. Bad credit discourages him to get a property or financial support from a lender because it’s obvious he has no collateral or lack of financial.

But how many of us think that if a person has a bad credit he may not get some financial help?

I came across to badcreditoffers website and it made me realized that a person who had a bad credit has a chance to do anything to get back himself on track. provides a valuable solution regardless of how bad is the credit is. It is created to serve as an online guide for consumer who has a less than perfect credit rating. It’s obvious that continuously monitors the online marketplace to bring the top bad credit offers they compiled every day. This would be include bad credit credit card, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit reports and credit repair and so much more. The best thing about badcreditoffers website is they have carefully presented the selected offers based from a lot of factors.

So, for anyone who has experiencing bad credit, why not visit to the website and select the best offers suitable for your needs.

Ne-Yo is in Manila

RNB singer Ne-Yo is in manila for his concert in Araneta Coliseum. Yep! Ne-Yo becoming popular singer with his song "so Sick" and "HAte that I Love You" with Rihanna.

Ne-Yo also reentlly won the Best contemporary R&B album award for "Because of You" in the recent GRAmmy Awards.

This is a good news for Ne-Yo fans in the Phillipines to watch their favorite performer live. This is going to be a big event!

Obligated to do blogs?

Oh yeah I got a headache right now after doing a lot of paid post. My brain was about to quit coz I drained it out. I still have some of backlog opps but I’m happy that i managed to do the 3 post that has 300 or 200 words something. I never thought I could make it. I already decided to let it expire but i did it anyway. The expiration date is tomorrow and I guess i catching it up and still make a little bit of money from it. hehehhe!!

Yep!! Thinking to quit here coz I feel like I was pressured on doing these stupid blogs. I like blogging but sometimes it made me puke. lol I don't have anything to blog about but i have to do it in order to be updated. Another is ppp rules about interim post is killing me. I guess some of bloggers do feel what I am feeling right now. Got no choice but to obey the rules or I might be kicked off. lol

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Story Of Giving Birth

We were down to my ob-gyne on the day of June
26, 2007 at 2'oclock pm for my check up. The midwife had checked on me. I was really horrified when she said i can have a baby anytime within 24 hours. She said i am dilated for 4cm. She asks me if i can feel any signs of labor pains but i just answered her "i don’t know". This was my first time of getting pregnant and having a baby. I just don’t know what the labor pain is because I’ve been on pain most of the times in my pregnancy.
They took me to the delivery room for fetal monitoring. It's kind of idiotic. I ask her if i can go home first to get my baby stuff but unfortunately, they did not allow me. lol They afraid if i might have a baby in my car and hurt me and the baby or something. Well, they place a toy-looking white round in my belly. It was an electronic fetal monitors used to detect and trace the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions. The pain is getting worse every time. But still i handle it ordinarily. Whenever i had a contraction, i just take a deep breath, sing and dance. They don't even know i had a very big contraction unless when they would take a look to the machine.Of course hubby noticed it because i hold him so tight whenever i had one. They said, i am a strongest m0m to be that they ever had in the hospital lol but i know for the fact that they just tell me about it to make me feel better and feel more comfortable to trust to myself and not too scared. Gladly it worked.
After all was done, discharging the urine out from my bladder and consecutive checkups on how far i am dilated which i really hate the most, at around 2o'clock am, they decided to break my Amniotic Fluid simply called a Bag of Waters. I thought that after the water has broken the pain is just the same. So, i said to myself giving birth is just too easy. But I’m wrong, after they did that finally feel the most pain than ever i could imagined, worst pain in my entire life. I tried to take a nap coz that’s what my hubby told me in order for me to get more strength but i couldn't do it. Instead, i ask a pain reliever which they called an epidural anesthesia. I really don’t know what exactly they done to me. Hubby said i fall asleep. I just saw a hollow flexible tube or a small catheter left that taped up from my back. The good thing of epidural is, I don’t feel any pain or a contraction but my body feels an entire numbing, i couldn't even move my body, my arms, legs and everything. So i thought this could be a bad sign for giving birth normally. I'm feeling like I’m weak and having hard time to control my push.
At the next morning, around 7:00 they ask me for a push. I insist to just do it by a c-section. Sounds odd but i thought it’s the easiest safest way for me and my baby. The midwife said i surely can do it normally by pushing. I can't do anything; i wanted to get over with so i decided to start on pushing. I couldn't remember how many times it was but i just remember a cry of a tiny little one lying at the top of my soft tummy with soft nursery rhymes they played. I look around and thank God for giving me enough strength to get through to the most difficult job ever.
"Is she a girl?"This was my first question came out from my mouth. My hubby said “YES". I was so happy. I finally came up to realization that i am really a new parent.

Alyssa Eden was born in a very pleasant morning of July 27, 2007 8:02 at Marry Breckinridge Hospital in Hyden, KY USA. She weighs 7lbs. and 3 ounces with a length of 20 inches.


Ever since Alyssa was born, I noticed a strawberry looking red spot in a middle of her back. It surprises me because i never seen such a birthmark before like she had and neither my hubby don't. Although i am surrounded with a few babies in a Philippines who had a birthmark's but Alyssa had different one. I was thinking she got it probably because I used to eat a bunch of strawberries when i was pregnant to her. (That was based from my ancient superstitious beliefs). But then later, it kind of worries me in a way that it’s getting bigger, puffy and elevated.

According to her pediatrician, it is just a birthmark that she called it Hemangioma. She said, hemangioma is an abnormal build up of vessels of skin. It usually occurs in a surface of a skin or some are in deeper that maybe presents anywhere of the body of a child especially to those who had a lighter skin color.

Hemangiomas are usually present at birth. It usually found on at least one in a fifty babies. But girls are more likely have than boys. I don't see how? It says, they often start as little red dots surrounded by a pale halo before they grow. Moreover, hemangiomas are growing quickly during the first 6 months. It shrinks at the first birthday. But it will completely go for 2 or 3 years old. Besides, by just letting it fade, the result is usually normal-appearing skin that you can't even tell that there's something in there in a past. In some cases too, parents may tend to do a laser specially when hemongioma appeared at the baby's face or in the eyes or in a rare occasions, the size and the location of hemangiomas will interfere the baby's breathing, feeding or other vital functions. Unlikely, at this point, laser would be a solution to eradicate or destroy the small tissue inside of the skin. Heart breaking doesn't it?

I am just happy that Alyssa got only a little bitty spot in her back and not in her visible parts or locations that can bother her. Pediatrician said, we should be more careful and not commit mistakes to it or it will cause on bleeding. Somehow, I am now relieved and yet, very attentive to my baby's skin.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Warning: Delete Yahoo Account

I recieved a warning today and i'm kind of doubt to believe this since there are a lot of people are making foolishness over the internet. I don't know if you guys recieved this too but if you do could you plz let me know. I don't want my yahoo account will be deleted. I have so many friends listed in there and most importantly, that is only the way to get updated to my family in the Phils as well as my cousins.

So, here it is!!!

Dear Account User
Due to the congestion in all Yahoo users and removal of all unused Old
Accounts, Yahoo would be shutting down all unused Accounts, You will
have to confirm your E-mail by filling out your Login Info below after
clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24
hours for security reasons.

* Email : ......................................................

* Password : ......................................................

* Date of Birth: ......................................................

* Country Or Territory : ......................................................

After following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not
be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention
to this request. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Account owner that refuses to update his or her account before two
weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account

Thank you for using Yahoo !
Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ

Just GOt HOme!!

We just now got home from Michigan. Yep! Its pretty long trip. We traveled 1400 miles all together and it took us so many hours to get there as well as going back here. As i mentioned from other blog that we were strugling with the sleek and freezing rain. We were just lucky that we made it safe.

Our trip was memorable. Despite of coldness and bad snow we still have fun. I mean, i was happy to see my cousins in Michigan, doing shopping, going to MI lake with them. Its amazing! I could have stayed longer but i got a life and a family to take care of. Hubby is got to relax on the rest of his vacation and spend time with the kids too. Alyssa needs to be home coz i think she's not used to stayed at other houses specially this time that she was having her first tooth. She's get whiny and cranky most of the time.

Generally, it was fun! I'm looking forward to visit MI again soon!! I hope that i won't be bad as it used to..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Credit Card Offers

Credit cards are seems to be popular nowadays on buying stuff or managing debt. People find it an easy way to make purchases since everything will work out good without having carried a large amount of cash on wallet. There are so many credit cards companies’ offers to everyone who would like to have credit cards. Yet, finding the best one could be a smart choice.

At you can find the best credit card from big credit cards companies like visa, Mastercard, discover and American express. You can get bank credit cards either customers, business cards and student cards depending on your needs. With you can compare the best credit cards online and find the low interest and no annual fee. The good thing this website is people has a lot of options on selecting credit cards its either excellent credit cards, good credit cards, fair, bad credit cards or bad/no credit cards. This means they issued best credit cards to everyone according to what type of credit history they were.

Anyone who were looking for a best credit cards deals, apply for credit cards

Sunday, February 24, 2008

yahoo spades

I don't know what makes exciting if you play a game with somebody who likes to cuss around. unpleasant, isnt it?

Me and my hubby were fond of playing online spades at yahoo games. For us its very interesting game because we played to real people even its very annoying sometimes when we have to played with sick people. I mean, sick because there will be dim-witted, cocky, whiny and somebody who likes to cuss each others all the time, of course name calling is present too. It can never be denied you may encounter so many different people revealing their true colors.

Spades is one of excellent card games. Strategies, focus and calculations are deffinitely included. If you ready for those, you might have a good game. Of course the price is just a good rating.

I was engaged to this game not once but at least a lot of times. Back then, it was like a past time for me since i don't do blogs yet. Its pretty fun, interesting as well as annoying but i say, it was just a part of a game. For now, it was only my hubby played it since i am too busy to managed my time on blogs that i had but i'm pretty sure i will get on there sometimes at anytime.

Online Casino at

Most people find themselves obsessed into online casino. For me, this is just similar to a real casino but most importantly online casinos could much more easier and free from hassles because you don't need to go outside to find for a casino places when you could have a real casino atmosphere at the convenient of your house. However, i know that some of us are skeptical among which casino sites are trustworthy for our beats. With so many online casinos are buzzing around, most of us are puzzled which one of them has the best offers. is an excellent website to check out if you are into online casino games. I say, this is one-stop-shop online casino which supposed to be the webs most popular online casino review site listing nearly 100 of the best online casinos. This website provides a comprehensive reviews as well as votes from players according to their game experience, trust score and bonuses offered by each casino. This is good advantage to players to cut-up their hard work from looking around which casino sites are actually has a best offer and its features. With you can play the best online casino by simply selecting any top reviewed online casino directly from the homepage.

Huge Selection of Online Casino

Are you type of person who is highly interested on casino online? offers a wide variety of casino sites. This is a best online casino worldwide and has a bunch of team editors who were reviewing top casinos. The good thing about this website is they rate each casinos site in terms of welcome bonuses offers, payout time, graphics, game play, speed, security and more.

At you have a wide options on finding online casino at a very short period of time. As you can see the website, they provide a guides of casino site according to their most important features and information as well as the best welcome bonus offer. The website also provides comprehensive online casino reviews.

Enjoy the stunning collections of online casinos and experience the exciting game at Start playing now; maybe this is your big chance to win big money.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Auto Insurance

It is essential for a driver to have auto insurance not only because its required by the law but it will protect them from unwanted events in the future. Basically, auto insurance will covered all the damages if ever you will encounter collision. I hate to say this, but let's faced the reality. We cannot refused accidents. It can be happen to any of us at anytime no matter how good driver we were. You don't want to carry all the burden expenses when it happens to you, don't you?

It's good thing to know that there are auto insurance companies who provides us an instant fully service and help us to gain a peace of mind feeling secured and safe. With you can get a good auto insurance and receive 6 types of coverage such as collision, bodily injured, property damage, personal injury protection, uninsured coverage and comprehensive. All you have to do is to get a free auto insurance quote by filling out the form provided on the website. is the nation's leading insurance provider not only for auto insurance but also home insurance, health and life insurance. So, if you buy insurance or thinking to switch from you what you were using right now, check this website first before jumping to a very important decision.

Emo Trend?

I was once confronted one of my friend listed in my friendster about the picture that he had in he's profile. I mean, it was ridiculous. He was slicing he's wrist. I was so curious so, i ask him why he done something stupid that could endeed up his life but responded me saying that he isn't in the picture and it was only an "emo trend". I was puzzled what emo trend was since i never heard of it before. Although, i'm still at my young age but latest trends is not in my passion right now. It was my career; being wife, little mom and of course a blogger.

What is emo anyway?

Emo is a short term of emotion and was popularized by punk rock bands very long time ago. It supposed to be like emotional, sensitive, introverted associated with depression, self injury and suicide. A certain person who likes into emo, they sometimes associate theirselves by creating authentic emo look such as wearing tight jeans and t-shirts, with dyed black hair, long bangs brushed to one side of the face, wearing extra-black mascara and a dark eyeliner pencil on guys and gals alike, studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes, button-down shirts, etc.

I was amazed how these teeners are easily get associate themselves into new trend. I come to realization that being associate with emo trend is eventful for them. For whatever the meaning of emo is, for sure they're be happy associating themselves with new trend.

Personal Cash Advance

Money plays an important part of each lives. That's why cash advance and payday loan came along to help people who emergency needs of cash. Cash advance and payday loans are providing costumers a great solutions regarding cash. It is a simplest and easiest way to get a fast cash and unsecured loans when times that they need a cash for paying the bills or simply for the immediate needs when they can't wait for the payday.

At personalcash they provides you a viable solutions in a simpliest way. They are the top tier payday loan and cash advance provider and processed your cash easy and of course, they offered a best rates and very fast loans approval. The good thing about this service is they offers no fax payday loan which means there are no documents to fax to obtain secure online cash advance. In order to obtain cash advance, all you have to do is to apply via internet and if your application was approved you will get your payday loan via electronically deposit directly into your checking account. Isn't it simple?

So, why wait your payday when you could obtain money through cash advance? Sign up now at!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eagle Eyes

I still remember some of my unforgetable experiences before when i was single. For once in my life i have encountered peeping Tom. BAck then I used to call them power rangers or mambubuso. They are immoral people that has nothing to do in life besides watching unaware ladies in a room through a purposely made holes. I once experience this kind of crap back when i was staying in a little old boarding house in the city of Surigao. After that happen i felt embarrassed and aware that everyone of kanto boys already saw me undressed. Its a lame shame! I never intentionally let everybody saw me uncovered.

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I took a shower. Mostly people in the Philippines are taking a bath with a dress still its normal specially when you are staying at a boarding house knowing there are so many unknown people staying with you in the same house.

After taking a shower i hurriedly go to my room to changed clothes. It give me a glanced when there's inadmissible light came out from a little hole. I was confused but then i urge to change clothes first before checking it out. I took off my wet clothes unknowing that somebody's eyes was already covered up in the eyed-shape hole. Too late he already saw me undressed. I was uncontrollably screamed, wanted to go out and fight. But who should i confront? I can't tell who's eye is it or if i should ask somebody they probably would make fun of me? I was wrong of choosing that boarding house though. I know the fact that the street is known to be a gangster and shameless people. For i was trying to save my money for rent i decided to settled in and that's what i got.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Discount at Lifelock

Identity theft happens when someone is using your personal account information such as name, SSN, credit card information without your permission. We are know that identity theft is becoming more and more threat to Americans today since this is noted to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the US. In order to prevent the risk, its essential to have identity theft protection.

LifeLock is one of the fastest growing company in the Us and is known to be succesful in protecting citizen against identity fraud. The good thing about Lifelock is, they stand behind its service. They guarantees your good name with a million dollars. Moreover, LifeLock is currently offering Lifelock promotion code which enables you to get deepest discount if you are newest customer. Theres no other company that offers this incredible and exclusive discount. Not all that you can also get walletlock service with no additional cost. You can enroll Lifelock either by signing up to the website or by calling the representative over the phone. If you prefer to enroll by phone, don't forget to mention the Life Lock Promo Code RD32.

Lifelock guarantees that your identity can never be stolen, so you must enroll now before its too late. Dont forget to use Life Lock Promotion Code.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm pretty much excited on going to MI next week to see my two cousins. Hubby, I and Alyssa will go there to spend few days since its hubby's vacation. He is excited too and that he wants to drive his new vehicle that we just bought couple of days ago. He is excited not just to test his vehicle but he wanted to unwind himself from tiring job.

I am looking forward to see my cousins very soon. My one cousin was in the Phils right now and by the time we go in MI she be there. I am excited to ask her about lates news in Phils as well as our families there. My other other cousin Retchel is leaving too pretty soon. I am preparing a little present for my family and send it tru her since we can't go and visit them this year.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mortgage Loans

Buying home is very exciting however, it can be more stressful and difficult regarding of making a decisions on which types of loans and where to acquire from. With so many mortgage company present most of us are confused on finding of which company offers the best mortgage rates.

At you overcome your confusion. They have been in a business for 13 years and still continue to help people find the mortgage that suit best to their need. They are designed to help you to make the most informed choice of the mortgage in your area. With you have also a unique opportunity to compare loan types like mortgage loans, refinancing, and home equity loans that is according to what suits you best. The website is easy to navigate, user-friendly and has everything you need regarding mortgage. They also provide comprehensive mortgage blog to its customers who are interested to learn about mortgages.

The home loan experts are ready to give you a custom mortgage rate quote. So, browse the mortgage offers now and get you qoute today.

Modern Styles Furniture

After we moved to this house, husband and I were planning to get a furniture. Of course, both of us are very picky on looking for furniture the fact that we have to based in its styles, durability an d most of all its price. So, good thing i found this website today that offers a wide selection of furniture.
Are you one of us planning on replacing your same-old furniture and wanted to have a modern styles? Go to They offers a wide variety of in stock modern furniture with unique and exclusive models, colors and styles of modern bedroom. The good thing about this website is everything is in stock in NJ and can be delivered at anytime anywhere in the US guaranted fast. They also offers a flat-free shipping cost to anywhere for any order size. The prices is very low and affordable to everyone unlike to other furniture industry.

So, if you are on furniture haunting like us, is worth to visit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meme Tag

Hi Friends and co-bloggers lets play-game-tag to tag from Malyn.

Heres the Rules:
* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don’t like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the “pass it to the front” the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word “short” for your blogs…
*Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.
* The color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using anyLet me show you:

1.-Filipina,2.-Stories,3.-Abroad,4.-Husband,5.Gagiers, 6. Life 7. Everything, 8. Offer, 9. Moments, 10. Journey 11. Nora's Family Treasure 12. rEvEiLiNg 13. Life 14.Babydoll 15, CAtnapper


Long time ago i made a post here about having problems of dandruf. Today, i was surfing the web and accidentally found the dandruff causes and its remedies. So, here is the facts about dandruff:

The term dandruff generally refers to the condition of the skin wherein shiny, silvery scales separate from the scalp and collect amidst the hair. The condition can become troublesome when the skin gets infected.

Dandruff Symptoms:

The scales from the scalp fall
When the hair is combed or brushed, or when the scalp is scratched, the scales from the scalp fall like snowflakes and settle on the eye brows, shoulders, and clothes. These scales sometimes appear as lumps or crusts on the scalp.

Itching is there and scalp may become red
Often there is itching as well and the scalp may become red from scratching

Dandruff Causes:

Impairment of general health, wrong food intake, constipation
The main causes of dandruff are impairment of general health, development of a toxic condition mainly due to taking of wrong foods, constipation, and a low vitality due to infectious diseases.

Emotional tension, harsh shampoos, general exhaustion
Other factors contributing to this disorder are emotional tension, harsh shampoos, exposure to cold, and general exhaustion.


Dandruff treatment using Fenugreek Seeds:

The use of fenugreek seeds is one of the most important remedies in the treatment of dandruff. Two tablespoons of these seeds should be soaked overnight in water and ground into a fine paste in the morning. This paste should be applied all over the scalp and left for half an hour. The hair should then be washed thoroughly with soap-nut (ritha) solution or shikakai.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Casino Online

Playing at online casinos is quite fun and exciting when you opted to play at Joyland casino. Because aside from their astonishing features and graphics the website also offering marvelous bonuses and promotions that suits every players demand. Casino joyland is easy to navigate and you won't be confused on your first visit.

TurboTax Promo Code

Its tax refund time! I'm sure everybody's excited to get the refund or enthrilled on how much each tax refund this year. Well, you might be thinking which services you where going on filing taxes this time. But what about TurboTax?

TurboTax is rated #1 in do-it-yourself tax software and is trusted by millions of Americans. It designed to guide users through a step-by-step of filing tax return electronically. This process is unique and easy. You don't need to go to tax offices and wait for a very long hours. If you need a turbo tax promo code, personal-finances website offers a limited time as well as the free edition of turbotax basic. The good thing about this current offers from this website is turbotax promo code covers not only state discounts but it can also be used when filing federal taxes and that is free edition of TurboTax unlike the other website which only offers a code that applied by state discounts alone. In addition, this website has its link to take you to the IRS form if you need to file for tax extention.

So, if you are decided to take the advantage of this personal-finacers promo you must be hurry because it will expire on April 16, 2008. Make filing your taxes easier using turbo tax promotion code.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I never aware of any identity fraud until i experience myself watching TV shows at LMN channel. The show somewhat gives me a broad idea how identity theft is happen and its caused. Sad to say that the experience of that woman who has victimized was horrible. She put up to a huge debt from house purchases to cars and big loans that made by someone else she doesn't even know. The worst thing is she was threatened to death from the one who steal her identity.

It was very good story but yet it was alarming. What if it happened to me in real life? Is it possible?

Identity theft could happen anywhere to anyone at anytime. In order to protect us from hackers and preying scammers LifeLock is the great solution. It is America's #1 identity theft protection program that offers the most comprehensive ID-Security program available. With LifeLock you can get a discount and recieve 30 day free. Apply LifeLock protection now at

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Look No More!

Looking for an office furniture is little bit difficult specially when you are looking for a durable yet affordable in prices. When buying we have to be more careful before purchasing. Of course, we have to ensure that our hard-earned money is worth. So, as a costumer it is important to compare prices as well as durability of products.

When it comes on your office needs intercounty is excellent website for you to check out. They are furniture company that is based in UK. With you can find office furnitures you want because they are selling wide range of office supplies like filling cabinets, office desks, office storage and a lot more. They are made from a high quality materials that is surely durable and affordable that everybody could afford to buy them. Intercounty is reliable and they stand behind their product. In fact, they offers eight year warranty for every product that costumer has purchased. The good thing about intercounty is they delivered the product using their own vehicles. They make sure everything has a great service and delivered fast. is a good website for you to check out when you are looking for classier look of furnitures and desks for a very best rate.

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