Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jensen JiMS 525i

The Jensen JiMS 525i is a docking digital HD Radio system for iPods and iPhones with support for the new iTunes Tagging technology. It is fully-featured, intensely-priced speaker system with HD Radio, FM and AM tuning, iPod and iPhone compatability and video functionality. Designed from a beautiful angle, the units integrated and remote control buttons are easy to figure out as well as the tuning of the HD radio is easier. It also include dual alarms and AV cable which is great feature for a extremly good value price of $149.99

I personally think that the system deserved our high recommendation because of the great value offers to iPod and iPhone users. Please consider Jensen JiMS-525i a top pick if you’re looking for an affordable clock radio and speaker dock. To find out your new music stations that are on-the-air with HD Radio technology and other stations that will be up soon, please click the link given above.

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