Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What to Wear if you are Holiday Hostess

Christmas is right around the corner and you have plan to host a dinner or cocktail party. The guest list and the decorations are already set but your problem is you don't have any idea on what to wear on the occasion. So, below are some of the few considerations in looking for a perfect outfit that suitable in the party you hosted:

* A dress that's elegant but not too bare. You want to look special, but still be able to bend over and serve an appetizer without spilling out of a strapless top.
* Shoes you can stand comfortably in for the entire party. Unlike the guests, you'll be milling around, running to the kitchen, etc.
* Pants and a top -- especially something with luxe fabrics like velvet, satin or cashmere -- work great for semi-formal parties. If your evening party is casual, you can even mix jeans with a dressier blouse or sweater.

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