Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fish they caught

We been down on fishing to a little creek. Hubby caught a 2 little bass of fish. He ask me if i would like to keep it because if not he's going to throw it back away to the creek. I was thinking to throw it back because i was feel sorry for the fish. And i was thinking if i would keep and ate it i might get poison because the fish that he caught is not familiar to me. But then i was hungry that time. Later on, i decided to kept and grill it for my dinner. lol I clean it first really good, even it stinks i didn't care about it.
So far, fish taste good and i really like it. I eat the two of them and i'm not even poison. hehe!
We will goon fishing next time if we had a time.


<'(((>< Niina said...

Great that the fish was good! Have a great weekend!

anneberly said...

I've been wanting to try fishing.. Looks exciting.. Hi passing by from have a nice day


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