Friday, April 25, 2008

Off again!

Another special day today. Since its hubby's off we went outside for shoppings, dinings and walking for quite a while. As a stay at home mom, i like to go outside even just once a week and for me its so fun that we got a good time together with hubby, Alyssa and kids.

Its been such a great day for us. The weather was good, indeed we had a great time. After we roaming around we headed back home and i started to work my household chores. I got so many cleaning errands that i set aside for quite few days. I'm glad i already done a little bit of cleaning the house, dishes as well as laundry. So far, i'm feeling like a free now since i already did what i supposed to do. I say, going outside and shoppings is the theraphy to make those errands done. whew!!


Mabelle said...

passing by

Arlene said...

love to get out and about too! ..just passing through here...exlinks?


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