Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fixing the mess

I have posted while ago about having trouble with BLOGSVERTISE. After all those confusions hubby and I finally decide to call their office to clarify things out. The woman answered the phone so we talked about what had happened why i can't access my account. That woman go to it and actually she said i have two same blog listed in their system. So, that means i was banned for doing that. Well, my question is why they never send me an email saying that i was banned because of this and that instead of closing my account? Besides, that blogs has been added for almost 5 months now and they were just closed my account at this time because i have pending earnings of 70+? They didn't even know the real score is why i had two blogs which has the same url. I was just a begginer that time and trying to submit a post. As a first timer innocent blogger, i submit my task that supposed to be a submit for blogs section that's why i put "insurance" as a description of the other blog. (my first post was all about insurance). Their system has no option to delete the existing blog. Besides, there is no rule stating bloggers shouldn't have two blogs with the same url. What's the deal anyway? At blogsvertise, no matter how many blogs you got in the system you are only eligible to get one task per day, per account. So there is no sense to have more than one blog. That is according to my experience.

Anyway, after talking to probably two women in there, one of them finally did something to where i can access my account. Even she said i am in probation status for 2 weeks which is okay with me at least. But then when i log in to my account i saw my pending earnings for about 70+ (10 posts)has been cancelled. So, we called them back again for like 4 or 5 times since they don't answer hubby's phone which is the first phone we were using at the very first time we called. Still i never give up,70 dollars is money and i work hard with it. Then after too many times on dialing, finally someone answered it. She asks me to send her my account information and she will fixed this up. So, i did. Still waiting for my pending earnings will go back. I tried to log in and so many time today but still they never do it. The worst thing is, i tried to log in back just now and it surprises that it says "SORRY YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT APPROVED BY ADMIN" again. Same thing happen. I don't know what they are doing..

These people can do anything what they wanted to do with their bloggers which is very unprofessional. They don't even consider the hardwork of bloggers which actually they making money out from them. I just want my 70+ be paid and i will stopped working with their BS system. I don't mind to call them over and over every seconds, let see how this will end up.

Click here to take you to the forum where there are some people complaining about their system.

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