Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Talking to my Brother

I just done talking to my brother online. He actually don't say bye to me but he just don't say anything no more so that means we had stopped talking. I knew he is been busy reading my blogs seeking out idea how in the world i knew these. Anyway, he wanted to start a blog too but i know its kind of hard for him since he don't have pc at home and the only way he can get online is to go to the cafe in the city. I wish someday i can provide them a computer at home that way they wonn't go to the city no more for renting cafes but i know its kinda hard since the place they live at is not enough accesible with high technologies. Actually was looking forward with that, somehow someday they can hook up telephone, or good signal of cellphones, internet signals etc. I wish someday..

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