Friday, December 28, 2007

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

I have been doing too many paid post today from other blogs and here. Its awful tired but i have to work on it or i can't be paid for the next payday. Eventhough payday is still too ahead of a time but i just don't like to get stuck on a lot of opps as well as i'm happy seeing my payment details sum up and increasing. I am happy that i am accepted to other get paid to blog programs today. I have 3 opps done already from them and hopefully tomorrow i can grab some and also i am hoping that i have so many accepted bids from advertisers. I know i am funny and difficult to understand sometimes because i get whiny when i have a lot of opps to do specially 2oo to 400 words. But then if i don't i was looking for it. Confusing that's how i am! But eventhough sometimes i do feel like incomprehensible i'm glad i still have worked on it and get them done.
Well its about time for me to take my baby upstairs and put her to sleep. I owed her too much today. I never pay more attention to her. But she's fine anyway, she's mean sometimes but i still handle her while doing paid post.

Goodnight everyone!

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