Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Are you excited to open up some presents from love ones and friends? Well, i don't. I already knows what i got and in fact, i already used it. I got a laptop xmas present from hubby. I know i still got something under the tree to open but i really don't care much about it. I got what i want so it don't matter.
Anyway, today is a christmas day. Hubby is just got home from work. He is working at night shift. We agreed earlier that we were going to have celebration in a morning of 25th. He's brother will come up to celebrate with us. My dad in-law is already here and the kids. They spend christmas here too. Kids are excited and can't wait to open their presents. They are all staying close to the christmas tree. They always holler to open up even 1 of them since they got a lot of wrapped boxes. But to bad for them, they can open it tomorrow..
Well, i better hit on the bed now. I need to get up early tomorrow. I have a lot to do, cooking and preparing foods.
Merry Christmas everybody!

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