Thursday, December 20, 2007


I feel so grouchy today. I have 2 opps but i don't have any idea what i am going to write. Maybe i will do it later or tomorrow when i feel better because "demons" in my life were gone then.
I am so tired, i had headache. It is because i don't sleep good last and woke up so early. Who would have sleep good if something that's bothering on you? There are so many disrespectful demons surrounded me nowadays. The reason why i don't felt like wanting to work, talk to people or doing something nice.
I am grateful that even i am mean, stubborn sometimes hubby will understands me. He don't settled me in the middle. I know he is smart enough to more about me now and aside from that he don't like to have arguments when kids are around. He knows that i like to have fight mostly when kids are here. That's always been my idea.

I don't understand the kids here. It is by far from the country where i came from. I am not intend to make comparisons here but i sometimes i need to let my heart out. This was my only space and seems like a my friend to shared too personal things in my life either happiness or sadness.

Hubby's kids is always be an issue for me. They are nice to me though, guess because of their daddy and yes i am nice to them. Back then, we were like friends, we usually get along, playing cards and talking. But now, i don't know. I guess they already knew me. They probably think that it's just me so they won't give a damn care to what i feel. They don't care of what i was to thinking, i say they don't consider others feelings. Disrespect is what it is. Who wouldn't whining when you feel like its too much for you? Demands expensive things and bringing it to their mommy's house or give it somebody else or tore it up to make their daddy to buy them new a one? But when they got a money they don't even think what's important for them and what they need to buy. They depend on their daddy because they knew he always buy. Buying things is not only an issue, i would be happy when they learned to respect when somebody was sleeping. In the Philippine culture, you can get a smack from your parents when you woke them up and had that funny face.

I sometimes feel like i am alone, wishing that i am in my homeland and get around with people i knew very-well in my entire life.
"Kids are always been a kids". In my opinion, they have to learned good things to make them a better person when they grew up. I think that's important.

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