Friday, December 21, 2007

Donate Boat

Do you have old non-working boats, yacht, vessels or trailers? Or are you looking for somebody who would like to buy it? Why not donate them instead? It could be a great way for you to help others. Besides, you don't deal with stress at all. By doing so, it could change a life for millions of people who are in needs.
Boatangel is a boat donation centers that willing to accept old and non-working boats for donations. If you would like to donate just call them and they were make an arrangements for picking up the boats. The advantage of donating boats in boatangel is that donors can receive a lawful IRS tax deduction. Boatangel supplies the necessary paper works to the donors enable for them to claim the deductible tax. They are willing to accepts boats in anywhere in the US and or even across America.
Their donated boats are to be sold in ebay for a charitable purposes by helping to a needy people all around the world. They also made an inspiring and encouraging film for children and youth. They distribute free DVD's with no shipping cost.
Your donation could have change a life! Go to the charity boat donations website now for complete information or call the operating numbers.

Play the video below for additional info's on boatangel.

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