Sunday, January 27, 2008

Donate A Car

Ever thought of getting rid off your used cars ? Why not donate your cars at carangel ministries. By donating them you can help to save million of people all over the world. Apart from that, you can also get the advantages when you donate car, mainly include IRS tax deduction. CarAngel is a charitable organization that accepts car donations and other non working vehicles for charitable purposes. Below are purposes why carangel ministries consistently organized a service for donation.

1. They are providing assistance to single mother to bring up their children as good Americans and human beings.
2. They help and give funds to orphanage so can provide better facilities to these orphans.
3. They have started many schemes to help the homeless people.
4. They help teens and adult drug addicts to give up addition. We know it is a major American problem. It requires lot of money and people to carry out these people. They also make movies on drug related issues to bring awareness in the people.
5. They are doing a remarkable work in the prison reforms. They reach out to these convicts and persuade them to give up their bad ways.
6. They are also funding in Education in many parts of the world. They are funding in Education in Columbia , Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Philippines.

As we can see from above purposes, carangel ministires are doing great work to mentioned areas. You can also be a part of their program by donating materials if you have one of them. If you have an old abandoned car rusting in your garage, you should donate this car to They use the proceeds of these Car Donations to fund their projects. Just call them. Their people will do all the paper work. They will tow the car from your place and sell it to ebay. These are applicable for all kinds of cars. Regardless of the tax benefits, it is nice to know that your donation will be put to good use.

This is an inspiring film made by carangel ministries as their charitable project for children. You can get them free (no cost, no shipping) for all over the world.

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