Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its nice to be back!

Yep! its nice to be back. Its nice to stay in my own house. I can do anything what i wanted to do, no hassles and no walkings.

As what i have posted here, we were succesfully went to Lexington yesterday to experience a little comfort on shoppings and meeting some my hubby's friends, relatives and family. Its almost 2 hours to drive from here. Yep, my biggest fear came true. Alyssa is worst, i mean she cries all the time specially in the car. She wanted somebody to hold her even when we are at the car. Another horrible night when we stayed at the expensive hotel yet very junky inside. I never thought it was that bad because it has a very nice looking in the outside. The bed was too small for us it was like full size and it was rough and hard as a road in uncultivated mountain. It was hot like 100 degrees inside and has a very annoying air conditioned that kicks off and on the wholetime. We can't sleep any good at all. Alyssa woke up and cries since she was sleeping at the floor and she's not get used to her bed. Hay! very junky i kept on saying to hubby that i rate the hotel as 0 myself and he rate it -0. oh poor!

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