Thursday, January 3, 2008

Erap Ai-ai in a Movie?

After many years of absence from showbusiness former president Joseph Ejercito Estada is now thinking of going back to his first love: acting.

Estrada on radio dzMM’s "Tambalang Failon at Sanchez" revealed that he might be doing a movie with ABS-CBN’s movie outfit Star Cinema.

“Iyan ang pinag-iisipan ko at number one na producer ngayon ang Star Cinema, doon ako, pinag-aaralan kong mabuti na baka ako ay lumabas sa ano (sa movie).”

He even joked and said that his plan to return to his acting career is for him to earn money.

“Oo dahil wala na akong pera, anim na taon at anim na buwan akong walang income nakakulong, siguro kailangan kong maghanapbuhay na.”

The former president also answered that the amount of his talent fee is also negotiable.

“Bahala na mapag-uusapan naman iyon.”

In the interview, Estrada also revealed that he would choose to do a comedy movie this time.

“Dahil ngayon madami ang naghihirap na tao umiiyak na sila sa kanilang sariling bahay huwag na nating paiyakin sa sine, kailangang patawanin natin kailangan siguro ay comedy. Mahirap na umiiyak na sa bahay nila sa sinehan pagdating sa sinehan ay paiiyakin pa natin e kawawa naman.”

(Nowadays many people suffer and weep in their homes so let's not make them cry in the movies. We should make them laugh instead.)

He also said that at his age, 70, romantic scenes are definitely out. “Comedy ang gagawin namin para walang romance, romance diyan (We'll do a comedy so that no romance is involved).”

The president also agreed that doing a movie is also a way to find out if people are still there to support him. “Iyon nga ang makikita natin kung pwede pa tayo sa pag-aartista. Diyan naman tayo nanggaling (We'll get to find out if I could still act. That's really where we came from).”

Finally, Estrada also revealed that he is eyeing for Kapamilya’s comedy queen Ai-Ai de las Alas to be his partner if the movie project will push through.

“Oo iyong number one din ngayon si Ai-Ai delas Alas, comedy.”

Estrada was ousted from MalacaƱang in January 2001 and was detained for almost six years.

He was pardoned by President Arroyo in October of 2007 after the Sandiganbayan found him guilty of plunder a month earlier.

Estrada was already an actor before he built his political career.

He starred in more than 100 films and produced over 70 movies.

He was the first FAMAS Hall of Fame awardee for Best Actor in 1981 and became a Hall of Fame award-winner as a producer in 1983.

He got the nickname "Erap" from the reversed spelling of pare, a Filipino slang for friend or buddy.

He often played a champion of oppressed people and from these roles gained the admiration of the masses.


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