Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Smorty Review

I've been a member of Smorty a quite a while now. My experience has been amazing and above board. I have seen so many different kinds blog for a money programs but smorty has a good quality and have shown themselves to be reliable and consistent in paying bloggers.

Smorty is blog advertising company that connect advertisers with bloggers. They offers wide opportunities for both bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers get paid to blog with backlinks to advertisers site and eventually this would create a huge buzz of their website. On the other hand, advertisers had opportunity to promote their website, boost traffic and increase product sale.
Based from what i experienced at smorty, bloggers can get paid weekly using paypal. But before that, you may want to know what smorty's requirement in order to get opportunities as a blogger.

Below are some basic rules:

*Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo
*Blog most must be older than 3 months
*Blog must be active and have history of minimum average 2 new post per week
*Blog must not have duplicate post of excessive duplicate content
*Blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content.

If you as a blogger think you have meet those requirements, sign up at Smorty and get paid for blogging.
For advertiser that have something to offer in public, sign up at Smorty, advertise on blog and see how they could help you increasing your product sale.

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