Thursday, January 17, 2008

Protect Your Identity

Problems of identity theft is not new here in the US. This is one of the serious problems that a goverment facing today specially when the crime ended up in all kinds of troubles from debts to deaths. Identity theft can happen anywhere to anyone. If your identity is stolen, you can spend very many hours in an effort to clean up your credit and restore a good name. But before that happen enroll at Loud siren and protect yourself identity theft.

LoudSiren is a member of the Identity Protection Network and marketing partner of Debix. They announces $1000000 identity theft guarantee to U.S. consumers and available to website which act as a second level of assurance to customers who are also coveredby an identity theft insurance policy from AIG. You might wondering how Loud Siren can protect your identity. Here's how it works:

*A thief steals personal information and applies for credit using your identity
*The Identity Protection Network™ transmits the credit request to you for authorization.
*The bank or creditor runs your credit and notes the “fraud alert” containing your unique phone number issued by theLoudSiren (Debix) Identity Protection Network™ and calls that number to confirm your identity before making the loan (as required by law).
*You approve the new loan if it is legitimate or reject the credit application if it is fraudulent, keeping your identity safe.
*The LoudSiren (Debix) Identity Protection Network’s™ Instant Authorization technology blocks imposters. With your phone, PIN, and Voice Key, creditors are sure of your identity.

So what are you waiting for? Take an action now! Protect yourself from those scheming people. Enroll now at country's leading identity theft protection companies. At Loud siren you are well-protected and secured from all deliquent identity thieves in the web.

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Jason said...

LoudSiren and Debix are an excellent identity protection team but consumers should compare them to Lifelock before signing up for their fraud alert system with the million dollar guarantee.


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