Friday, January 11, 2008

Missed it!

Since it was hubby's days off, we went out for a dinner and some important places and groceries today. I never thought i missed a lot of opps but well, i can't help it! If i don't decieded to go with hubby we probably won't got reward today. Although i hate to think that i missed my opps but i guess its okay. It'll probably go back and i hope so.

We are having good time today. We been to the restaurant for a dinner then stop by at the store to got a bunch of junks, toys and etc. I say its a good day!

Need to park now since i am too tired running around everywhere. My mind seems like it don't cooperate me like updating my blogs. Its good thing i make a little update here since i don't make none a quite a while.

Goodnight everybody!


marie said...

Me too! Sometimes I refuse to go out with him because of the opps but I make alibis not pointing the opps as the reason, baka mabatukan ako, hahaha:)

Samrat said...

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