Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just GOt HOme!!

We just now got home from Michigan. Yep! Its pretty long trip. We traveled 1400 miles all together and it took us so many hours to get there as well as going back here. As i mentioned from other blog that we were strugling with the sleek and freezing rain. We were just lucky that we made it safe.

Our trip was memorable. Despite of coldness and bad snow we still have fun. I mean, i was happy to see my cousins in Michigan, doing shopping, going to MI lake with them. Its amazing! I could have stayed longer but i got a life and a family to take care of. Hubby is got to relax on the rest of his vacation and spend time with the kids too. Alyssa needs to be home coz i think she's not used to stayed at other houses specially this time that she was having her first tooth. She's get whiny and cranky most of the time.

Generally, it was fun! I'm looking forward to visit MI again soon!! I hope that i won't be bad as it used to..

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