Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obligated to do blogs?

Oh yeah I got a headache right now after doing a lot of paid post. My brain was about to quit coz I drained it out. I still have some of backlog opps but I’m happy that i managed to do the 3 post that has 300 or 200 words something. I never thought I could make it. I already decided to let it expire but i did it anyway. The expiration date is tomorrow and I guess i catching it up and still make a little bit of money from it. hehehhe!!

Yep!! Thinking to quit here coz I feel like I was pressured on doing these stupid blogs. I like blogging but sometimes it made me puke. lol I don't have anything to blog about but i have to do it in order to be updated. Another is ppp rules about interim post is killing me. I guess some of bloggers do feel what I am feeling right now. Got no choice but to obey the rules or I might be kicked off. lol

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