Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ever since Alyssa was born, I noticed a strawberry looking red spot in a middle of her back. It surprises me because i never seen such a birthmark before like she had and neither my hubby don't. Although i am surrounded with a few babies in a Philippines who had a birthmark's but Alyssa had different one. I was thinking she got it probably because I used to eat a bunch of strawberries when i was pregnant to her. (That was based from my ancient superstitious beliefs). But then later, it kind of worries me in a way that it’s getting bigger, puffy and elevated.

According to her pediatrician, it is just a birthmark that she called it Hemangioma. She said, hemangioma is an abnormal build up of vessels of skin. It usually occurs in a surface of a skin or some are in deeper that maybe presents anywhere of the body of a child especially to those who had a lighter skin color.

Hemangiomas are usually present at birth. It usually found on at least one in a fifty babies. But girls are more likely have than boys. I don't see how? It says, they often start as little red dots surrounded by a pale halo before they grow. Moreover, hemangiomas are growing quickly during the first 6 months. It shrinks at the first birthday. But it will completely go for 2 or 3 years old. Besides, by just letting it fade, the result is usually normal-appearing skin that you can't even tell that there's something in there in a past. In some cases too, parents may tend to do a laser specially when hemongioma appeared at the baby's face or in the eyes or in a rare occasions, the size and the location of hemangiomas will interfere the baby's breathing, feeding or other vital functions. Unlikely, at this point, laser would be a solution to eradicate or destroy the small tissue inside of the skin. Heart breaking doesn't it?

I am just happy that Alyssa got only a little bitty spot in her back and not in her visible parts or locations that can bother her. Pediatrician said, we should be more careful and not commit mistakes to it or it will cause on bleeding. Somehow, I am now relieved and yet, very attentive to my baby's skin.

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