Thursday, February 21, 2008

Emo Trend?

I was once confronted one of my friend listed in my friendster about the picture that he had in he's profile. I mean, it was ridiculous. He was slicing he's wrist. I was so curious so, i ask him why he done something stupid that could endeed up his life but responded me saying that he isn't in the picture and it was only an "emo trend". I was puzzled what emo trend was since i never heard of it before. Although, i'm still at my young age but latest trends is not in my passion right now. It was my career; being wife, little mom and of course a blogger.

What is emo anyway?

Emo is a short term of emotion and was popularized by punk rock bands very long time ago. It supposed to be like emotional, sensitive, introverted associated with depression, self injury and suicide. A certain person who likes into emo, they sometimes associate theirselves by creating authentic emo look such as wearing tight jeans and t-shirts, with dyed black hair, long bangs brushed to one side of the face, wearing extra-black mascara and a dark eyeliner pencil on guys and gals alike, studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes, button-down shirts, etc.

I was amazed how these teeners are easily get associate themselves into new trend. I come to realization that being associate with emo trend is eventful for them. For whatever the meaning of emo is, for sure they're be happy associating themselves with new trend.

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