Sunday, February 24, 2008

yahoo spades

I don't know what makes exciting if you play a game with somebody who likes to cuss around. unpleasant, isnt it?

Me and my hubby were fond of playing online spades at yahoo games. For us its very interesting game because we played to real people even its very annoying sometimes when we have to played with sick people. I mean, sick because there will be dim-witted, cocky, whiny and somebody who likes to cuss each others all the time, of course name calling is present too. It can never be denied you may encounter so many different people revealing their true colors.

Spades is one of excellent card games. Strategies, focus and calculations are deffinitely included. If you ready for those, you might have a good game. Of course the price is just a good rating.

I was engaged to this game not once but at least a lot of times. Back then, it was like a past time for me since i don't do blogs yet. Its pretty fun, interesting as well as annoying but i say, it was just a part of a game. For now, it was only my hubby played it since i am too busy to managed my time on blogs that i had but i'm pretty sure i will get on there sometimes at anytime.

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