Friday, August 29, 2008

Animal Repellents

When we were living at our old house, hubby and I are having fun of making some traps for the mouse. Its weird because i get so excited to wake up in the morning just because of the traps that we hook up in a night. It seems pretty calm for me to deal with these animals knowing that our foods are in dangered. Needless to say, every time we get noodles in the cabinet we seen so many tore up pieces where mouse are responsible for it.

One time also, hubby is fixing up to go to work and try to start up his vehicle. He was pretty upset because his vehicle didn't start. So he took it to the garage and call his work that he needs to take off. What shocked us to death is the dead mouse in the motor which is caused of vehicle not working. He spend 100 bucks for taking the vehicle to the garage for just a mouse stocked up inside. Pretty upsetting, that's it!

Those are just some of the bad experiences we dealt with having these wild animals around. Many of us already aware that there are several options on how to get rid of them. I came across to a website called Havahart which i find it very awesome site for anyone who are looking for unique ways and technique on how to trap these dangerous wild animals.

Havahart sells everything that you need from repellent to traps for any kind of wild animals including mouse trap, rabbit repellent etc. These products are good for people who like to do gardening as they protect their flowers or plants against wild animals. Havahart animal repellent also is approved for organic gardening. They supposed to be eco-friendly and more humane way to catch or trap any types of animals you don't want in your backyard, gardens or lawns.

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