Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coffee Intelligentsia

There is nothing better for many people out there to start their morning off with a great coffee, including my husband. Coffee is an ideal taste for him everytime he is driving to work. I am not a coffee fan myself so, i don't usually prepared him a coffee. What he did, he always go to the coffee shop.

There are many varieties and brews available in coffee shops all around the world and ome of the best is Intelligentsia.

Intelligentsia is known to be best organic coffee in the world. They consider to be a simple premise as they buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. What makes Intelligentsia unique is that they purchase green coffee from either the world’s most renowned importers or directly from the growers themselves. Their purchases also are based on the cup quality of the coffee. They seek growers and importers that are known to be both environmentally and socially responsible. Basically, Intelligentsia always produce and offer the best quality of roasted coffee which is roasted daily in their vintage German roasters.

Founded on 1995, Intelligentsia has many years of experience in the coffee industry that lead them to a succesful in the field. In fact, they have been featured in multiple publications, media, etc, including chicago coffee, best coffee los angeles and many more.

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