Friday, August 29, 2008

Get Well SOon

Being far apart from my family is a huge distractions for me. Eventhough i texted or called them so often but to me it don't count much. I'm pretty upset everytime that there are bad news coming and that somebody is sick and so on. Right now, me and my brother have been texting about how was my MOM situation. Its been 4 days now that she had a bad headache and that always laying in the bed because she hasn't feeling good.

Our mom is a big influential to our family because she is the one who is looking for ways to get and bring food at home. Though my Dad is a bit annoying sometimes for having a big pride in him and stubborn most of the times. I don't know my mom handled it all these year but i just leave it to that. My Dad is hard-worker too. He is the one who does the work when Mom got something out from her going outside canvassing people who want's to get a job done. They have this kind of business- coco-lumber. If somebody would sell their coconut tress, they were the one who buys it, cut it and sold the lumber. Anyway, since my Mom was sick, nobody in the family would find coconut trees to cut. Of course, their little business has been cut off too and still the spending is going on.

I'm hoping and praying that my mom will be feeling okay very soon because they need her. Not only for their business but in the family as well. I can't stand if somebody in my family gets sick.

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