Monday, August 25, 2008

Infant Constipation

Infant constipation is something no parent wants their child to experience. Not only is it painful for the baby, but many times parents feel helpless to solve the problem. While infant constipation is not very common in breastfed babies, it is a bit more routine in formula fed babies. Here are some good steps that i found in one of the article about how to detect and treat infant constipation.

Observe your baby's pooping pattern. On average, a formula fed baby will poop about 3 times and a breastfed baby will poop about 5 times per day. If you notice a big change in the amount of times your baby poops, it could be due to infant constipation. Some babies, however, will go for days without pooping, but will have problems with constipation.

Watch your baby when she poops. Even babies that aren't constipated will strain sometimes. If the straining is accompanied by crying, however, this is a sign of infant constipation.

Switch to baby forumla without iron. Of course this step is only for formula fed babies. Most formulas contain iron, which can cause infant constipation.

Serve baby food high in fiber. Foods such as prunes, beans, and pears work well. This step is only for babies older than 4 months.

Give an additional 3 ounces of water each day to young infants 2-4 months old. If you child cannot yet eat solid foods, an extra few ounces of water every day should do the trick to get rid of infant constipation.

Give 4 ounces of apple juice as a gentle laxative. Sometimes water just isn't enough for the young babies. If so, apple juice works as a gentle laxative for infant constipation.

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