Sunday, August 10, 2008

Household Chores

Sometimes i really hate household chores. But what i can do? I have to do it because if i won't our house would be so nasty or else hubby ain't got no clothes to wear for work. Even though i hate it but i am so glad that i still survive even we dint have no helpers at home. I wish i have one though. I knew i can make it without them i grew without helpers or nannies. Chores that I really hate: are washing clothes. I have this syndrome that if i put the clothes in the washer i forgot to put it to the dryer so the next day if i found i got clothes in there it would be so stink. So again, i need to wash it again and this time i make sure i put it in the dryer after rinse. I hate, mopping the floor too. Gosh it makes me so tired and i hate vacuuming also. The reason is that my little don't like the vac cum noise, she's afraid with it so whenever i using vacuum i have to hold her while cleaning. So far, i like cooking because i love to eat. No comment with that!

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