Thursday, August 28, 2008

Van's Mom wants him to go out?

I just done watching PDA season2 in TFC. Some of their episode today really confused me--the angry text come from one of the houseguests family. Somebody was texting about he/she wants to get her son out from the academy. I'm pretty confident that it was from Van's mom. His mom and him had an issue of him going inside the academy. In the first place, Van lied to her telling that the show will be only a month (if i'm not mistaken) because her mom don't want him to stay longer inside. I can really tell that Van is determined of what he is doing. He want this career. I don't understand why his mom want him out in the academy. That doesn't make sense for a parents to stopped their kids dreaming. Right now Van is one of the probee and i am thinking to vote him instead of Sen but this issue today makes me kind of doubt. Van is such an amazing guy, he has a versatile and powerful voice compared to Sen. He is cute too. I wish PDa would clarify this situation. Really looking forward to why Van's mom want him to get out from the academy sooner. I could maybe wrong but still hoping it was not from Van's mom text.

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