Sunday, August 3, 2008

National Potters Exhibit

If you love pottery then the upcoming National Potters Exhibit and Conference is more appealing to you. Yes, the event will be on September 2008 in Indianapolis and it is hosted by the American Art Clay Company (AMACO/Brent) which has an aims to gather all the pottery enthusiasts from all over US along with the theme "Surface, Form & Substance".

AMACO/Brent is a company that offers different kinds of arts and craft material. For instance, you are working with polymer clay so obviously, you need to have a polymer clay to woven your art. Since AMACO/Brent is the first company that designed and manufactured the first clay potter wheel, you will also be amazed of how you can find whole extensive range to spice up your creation. With that said, you will expect more selections to choose from either you want polymer clay, ceramic clay, glass or even lead-free glazes. To order online, visit or call toll free number at (866) 550-3550.

In addition, AMACO/Brent has also provide ways and techniques on how to become good with arts as well as to master with your hobby, so it might be really helpful to anyone especially with begginers.

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