Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's been quite a while that i haven't treat myself for a shopping. (Well, at least hubby is happy with that... ) Being a woman, shopping is normal way of relaxing and giving ourselves a reward. From a busy lives, hectic schedules and constant demands on our time, i think it would be all paid off if we can get at least a pair of shoes, dress and other women accesories. For such a long time that i don't buy for myself, i think its time for me to get new one. At this moment, i was browsing in my favorite online site and found this pretty dress. Yep, you read me! I'm not into dressy type but seeing this really makes me arrggg!! I don't know where i can wear this but this dress is really stunning.. You will be surprised if i wear dress when i gone for grocery, well at least i got what i want! Don't you think its pretty? And oh by the way, the dress cost 30bucks only, so its not that bad really...

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