Friday, September 5, 2008

John Esposito's Interview

I found a video in youtube about the exclusive interview of John Esposito, CEO of WEA. John Esposito is talking about the challenges of an artist to get signed in today's music industry as well as the method of discovery and factors of signing. It is basically, an informative interview, helping for anyone out there who are interested into the world of music or becoming an artists. Below are the questions that he answered. If that really relates to you, i urge you to watch the video.

1) How hard is it for an Artist to get signed in today’s music industry?

2) Are the labels taking more risk or less risk because of the challenges?

3) How is today’s A&R model changing?
- What are the labels looking for?

4) Can you explain what a 360 deal is?
How it works? What’s involved? Is it a factor in signing?

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