Thursday, September 18, 2008

Luggage Bags and Wallet

I travel once every year-and visiting my family back home is truly exciting for me. With that said, I am also excited to packed many stuff to bring with us in our visit. Of course, I want to be prepared and depart without discomfort. In my travel, i really don't want to drag heavy and bulging luggages specially i would be traveling with my little girl this time. Though I'm a bit worried about it but i think it would somehow lessen if I got a right bag and right Carry-On Luggage.

Anyway, i haven't bought luggages yet, but i was too impressed when I stumble at Hartmann's site where there were lots of luggages and bags with different styles. Typically, they presented variety of bags at the very affordable prices! Those bags are seems so durable and luggages are adequate to my needs!

Ok, I liked Hartmann Intensity bag a lot. Even though i prefer carrying my primary back on my shoulder but this tote is extremely functional because its got several rear compartments features as well as multiple elastic pockets to fill with stuff i need to get at fast. And mind you, this is whole lot convenient to carry since its got durable in-line skate wheels.

Hartmann Belting Leather is another exceptional product that I keep my eye on. This tan-colored wallet comes with ID window, 2 credit card pockets on reverse side and Center slash pocket. Hartmann Belting Leather seems durable, has elegant design with unbeatable price too!

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