Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fix Your Body Figure Problem

Every woman has something about her body that she'd like to hide---i must admit, having wide shoulder is my problem too. However, that does not stop me from being stylish. *wink*

One of the most common trick should have to remember if you want to look great in your body figure regardless of your problem area-- is to wear only colors and sizes that look great on you. If you do not sure what are those, try bringing a trusted friend with you while shopping. Get tons of clothes, try them on and ask feedback from your friend. Just remember that nobody looks well in high-waisted, pleated jeans or pants with narrow ankle openings. So, you must have to avoid these..

Concentrate on what dresses and outfits that flatters. Never mind about being trendy when you look at what suits your figure. If you love accessories then add-up-to-date shoes, handbags and other accessories later.

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