Monday, September 29, 2008

2-day Shop

Okay, seems like a long gone huh? Well, this little shopaholic has just taking some time to unwind and do a little bit of shopping. Maybe you think--shopping again? --but as i told you i won't stop shopping till my traveling luggages aren't full. Anyway, 2days in a row i went on bargain hunting and guess what? I found interesting!! I went to the fashion bug location (first-day) which is 45 miles from the house and found so many many 2dollars sales of sandals and shoes from the original price of 20+s. Okay, husband was asking what am i gonna do with 10 pairs of sandals in the winter? What about Philippines?, i told him..

The 2nd day, i went to Shoe Show and Cato and couldn't find any that interest me so that lead me to go straight to Goody's. Well, i found lots of sales but many of their prices just doesn't seem right for me. I just grab a trendy vest for me and a 2 pair of undergarments for my MOm which is little cheaper for $4 from the original price of 15. Not that bad...

Then headed back home, get 13 straight hour sleep and forgot I was invited for a dinner cook-out..

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