Friday, September 12, 2008

Save Money on Shopping

When shopping for accessories, you don't need to spend a fortune on items just to follow the hottest trends and styles of the season. Below are some of the simple tips on how to save money on shopping, excerpt from Kori Ellis article.

1. Shop for Sales- look out for sales in your local newspapers or either visit your favorite websites or department stores and sign up for sales alert emails.

2. Shop Out of Season- accessories like boots and other winter accessories are usually cheapest in spring season while summer accessories are also cheaper in fall. You can also buy cheapest items special sales around major Holidays, like Christmas, Labor Day and more.

3. Visit Thrift Shops- if you don't mind used accessories, you can visit thrift shops and vintage clothing stores in your local area to find for jewelry, handbags and other accessories at discount prices.

4.Check Shipping Cost- if you like shopping online, don't forget the shipping costs. Some retailers offers free shipping while many are offering discounter shipping rate for multiple orders.

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