Friday, September 12, 2008

A best luck for me

I am enjoying my long ride ever since i enter into the blogosphere. From sharing my thoughts, experiences in life and at the same time getting paid by reviewing various sites that i'm interested in- is such a wonderful experience to me. Not to mention, I been through a lot of ups and downs, happiness, frustrations, etc but these days, is really nerve-racking for me. PPP audit worries me a lot. Few of my friends has affected by the audit already and sadly, couple of their blogs have been cut off from the marketplace. I got 5 blogs in the system which 3 of them is actually worthless for me. I really don't know if my two main blogs can passed the audit but i'm crossing my finger & hoping that i could make it. I must admit that my blogs are not that great so, that really makes them sense to cut me off in the system.(oh no!) I tried anything to offer my best to my readers in possible way i can. Anyway, whatever happens i just hope i can survive the feeling. Its going to be difficult if ever none of my blogs would qualify. () But like i said, i'm still here hoping for the best..goodluck for me and for everybody who are working with ppp...

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