Tuesday, September 23, 2008

List of Sites I Shop

Shopping has become a big part of me and thanks to the Internet, I immensely enjoy shopping a lot more than it used to. With no gas cost involved and no time limit, shopping online is something that i really love to do. So, have you ever wonder which online shopping sites i usually go to ease my boredom, huh? Well, below are my lists.

1. MakeMeChic--allows me to shop trendy clothing and accessories. They have many fashionable items to choose from hundreds of options.

2. CutesyGirl-- this website is great if you are looking for cute shoes and sandals. They also have great selections of trendy clothes. This is where i usually buy trendy mini dresses. Though most of their clothes cost a lot but you can also find items on sale especially this off-season.

3. eBay--here you will find tremendous auctions from thousands of items in any different category such as clothes, electronics, collectibles, accessories, even cars and house and lot. This is the site where i usually purchase phones, ipod, web cam---you name it!! eBay is a great site if you are also looking for used and new items. I also once buy a lot of used girl clothes in-one auction with a price of 4 bucks and 7dollar for shipping. They have search engine tool that lets you find out instantly what you were looking. Mostly sellers preferred paypal for payment..

4. Macy's --offers great selections of high quality products from clothes, handbags, jewelries, kitchen equipments, to home decors. The site is quite a bit high for my budget but their products are guaranteed awesome.

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