Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't feel good lately. Its been few days now that i always feeling drowsy. All of these seems so weird. To me, i always have enough sleep during nighttime and in fact, i always get up late from the bed. Just as today, hubby is supposed to work at 2pm so he has to leave at home by 1:30. It was about 2 when i woke up and then i found out that nobody is around. So i was checking every corner of our house to see where he at. But then i couldn't find him, i called hubby's phone and ask him where he's at. He was on his way to work. Then i realized that its Thursday, so he's working different schedule. Hubby says when he's about to leave he checked us in the bed, me and Alyssa are still sleeping soundly.

Seems like i was just sleeping all day. I done anything in the house particularly household chores. It seems I'm sleepy and grouchy. hay..i just don't know what to do. Maybe i just need a little unwind, going outside shopping? or something...

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