Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Headbands are on style

A few months ago, I thought headbands were a bit trendy. I seen it mostly on TVs where a lot of celebs are using them--mainly Mariel Rodriguez in Philippine TV and--i think Rhianna too (I'm not for sure). I love how it look like specially the big ribbon--it's so cute and feminine. Anyway, headbands are great if you are in hurry. They are easiest to wear if you aren't used to hair accessories. Whether you are on casual or dressy outfit, these cute headbands are perfect in any day or night, and works in any season too! If you want to buy these headbands, just be sure to pick-out the color suits in the season or better yet, suits for your outfit. And by the way, purple is a good color for Fall...

photo by tanojewelry

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